ESPN Caribbean Presents Jonathan Trott Exclusive

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ESPN Caribbean Presents Jonathan Trott Exclusive

ESPN Match Point analyst shares insight on his ESPN experience, the Cricket World Cup thus far and a West Indies prediction

Trott on the ESPN Match Point experience:
It’s been really good. It’s been real enjoyable here in Sydney. Great location. The staff has been really helpful in accommodating me in the transition (to analyst) and doing work here in the studio.

Trott on making the switch to ESPN analyst:
It’s been quite interesting talking to past players and hearing their observations and you know, their views on the games. Some of us have the same, some of us have slightly different ones (views) so you know, it’s always nice comparing ideas and calling games.

Trott on his favorite moment with the ESPN panel:
We went on a speedboat in Sydney Harbor the other day and I was sitting next to Raunak Kapoor (fellow ESPN Match Point analyst) and that was pretty interesting. He certainly was scared (laughs).

Trott on the biggest moment in the Cricket World Cup so far:
I think the way New Zealand has played at home. They’re a very, very good team. It’s always pleasing to see lots of strong sides. It’s been a real revelation with Mike Hesson as coach and Brendon McCullum as captain so I think they’ve got something going there.

Trott on the most disappointing moment in the Cricket World Cup so far:
There hasn’t been much disappointment for me. Maybe the only thing is the bowling in the power plays was really, really hard for the bowlers so it’s a combination of probably a little bit of bad bowling and being really up against it with the fielding restrictions. I’m not quite sure if ICC is going to change the fielding restrictions but it’s really tough on bowlers.

Trott on West Indies’ fate:
I think they’ll squeeze in (knockout stage) and qualify. I’m not quite sure from thereafter.

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