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• ESPN Digital Brands see Growth in Key Usage and Engagement Metrics
• Mobile and Digital Video among Key Growth Areas; UK Registers Biggest Year Ever, Leading Digital Sports Brand in Aus/NZ, APAC Growth
• Leading Digital Sports Portfolio includes, ESPNcricinfo, ESPNFC, ESPN Player,, ESPNscrum, ESPNF1 and more



ESPN finished 2013 where it began, as the leading global digital sports brand. It marked a year of impressive growth for ESPN digital properties across the globe, with 154.5 billion minutes logged via online and mobile devices (not including video). There were a total of 17.4 billion global visits*, an increase of 14 percent compared to 2012. Globally, ESPN ranks as the number one online sports brand in terms of average minute audience in 2013, and ESPN’s mobile properties now account for 41 percent of total digital (non-video) minutes in 2013. In addition:
• ONLINE: ESPN’s combined websites reached an average of 62.1 million unique visitors a month via computers (desktop + laptop), with non-US markets making up 42 percent of the total. This is up 15 percent in average monthly unique visitors when comparing equivalent period from 2012.*
• MOBILE: Mobile properties made up 41 percent of total digital minutes (non-video) in 2013, and mobile visits increased 24 percent globally from 2012.*
• VIDEO: 2.3 billion online global video starts were registered in 2013, up 15 percent year-on-year, while outside the US, online video achieved an +80 percent increase compared to 2012.*

ESPN’s UK multi-sports portal registered its best year on record, with more users spending more time than ever. averaged nearly 2 million unduplicated Online and Mobile unique users – a 9 percent year-on-year increase, as Total Page Views grew 38 percent, Total Minutes increased 35 percent and Total Visits jumped 32 percent. also scored record average monthly figures in Minutes (8.8 million), Visits (3.3 million, up 66 percent vs. 2012) and Page Views (up 78 percent vs. 2012). In addition:
• MOBILE: Mobile page views and visits tripled to more than 2.4 million and 1.5 million per average month, respectively.***
• VIDEO: logged more than 7.6 million video views in 2013 – up 138 percent compared to 2012. The majority of that came in the second half of the year as ESPN ramped up digital video creation and integration. UK video traffic hit 1 million for the first time during August, as the football season began, and has accelerated – with January 2014 logging more than 3 million views, a new monthly record. ***

In Australia and New Zealand, ESPN was top online sports brand of 2013 in terms of average monthly unique users, total minutes, page views and visits.** Across computers and mobile devices, Australian fans registered 273 million total visits in 2013 (up 30 percent from 2012), registered four million unique browsers per month and logged 1.8 billion minutes. In addition:
• #1’S IN AUS: For the full year 2013, ESPNcricinfo is the #1 Australia/N.Z. cricket site; ESPNFC is the leading football site in Australia/N.Z.; ESPNfootytips is #1 tipping site in Australia/N.Z.; is #1 for US sport in Australia/N.Z.
• MOBILE: Australia/N.Z. fans on mobile devices (mobile web and apps across ESPN products) registered 110 total million visits in 2013, which was up 74 percent from 2012
• VIDEO: Australia/N.Z. fans logged nearly 25 million views of video in 2013, a 103 percent increase year-on-year.
• ESPNSCRUM & ESPNFOOTYTIPS: In 2013, ESPNscrum saw visits increase 195 percent and ESPNfootytips saw visits increase 89 percent across online and mobile devices in Australia/N.Z. (compared to 2012). For ESPNfootytips, mobile was a particularly strong driver, with visits via the mobile web increasing 132 percent compared to 2012 and visits via apps increasing more than 700 percent.*

In the Asia/Pacific region, across computers and mobile devices, fans in the APAC region registered 1.6 billion total visits in 2013 (up 18 percent from 2012) and registered 14 billion total minutes.* In addition:
• ONLINE: ESPN’s online network averaged 11 million unique users per month on computers alone (not counting mobile). Over the course of 2013 those users spent 4.3 billion minutes with ESPN digital brands and viewed 4 billion pages.
• MOBILE: In 2013, there were 4.7 billion minutes spent and 527 million visits made to ESPN’s mobile properties (mobile Web and apps) in APAC. App use was a key driver of growth, with time spent on ESPN Apps doubling year-on-year.
• VIDEO: APAC sports fans logged nearly 145 million views of video in 2013, an 80 percent increase year-on-year.

In Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, visits to ESPN digital properties across computers and mobile devices grew nearly 10 percent to more than 197 million visits, with fans from the three countries logging nearly 1.2 billion minutes. Mobile was the fastest growing platform, with visits to ESPN mobile properties up 64 percent. Indonesia was the fastest growing region for ESPN audience, with combined mobile and computer visits up 24 percent (compared to 2012).* In the three countries combined, video starts grew to 56 million, an increase of more than 470 percent.

ESPN was the #1 English-language online sports brand in Singapore and Malaysia, with 84 percent more total minutes than its closest competitor in Singapore and 50 percent more than its closest competitor in Malaysia (computers only – not including mobile).** ESPNFC is the #1 English-language digital football brand in Singapore and Malaysia, and since 2012 mobile visits to ESPNFC have grown 91 percent.*

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013, ESPNcricinfo remained the #1 destination for cricket as it ranked first globally in unique visitors, minutes, page views and visits. The site recorded its best year on record, reaching an average of 10.7 million global monthly unique users** on computers alone in 2013, up 9 percent from 2012. In India, ESPNcricinfo ranked as the #1 mobile sports website, reaching more than 10 percent of the smartphone internet audience – the next closest competitor reached only 3 percent****. In addition:
• Across online and mobile ESPNCricinfo produced 16.3 billion minutes and nearly 2 billion Visits in 2013 (up 23 percent compared to 2012).***
• MOBILE: Mobile users made 51 million Visits during an average month, up 9 percent from 2012, producing 5.7 billion total minutes in 2013***
• VIDEO: ESPNcricinfo registered 27.5 million total online video starts in 2013, an increase of 80 percent compared to 2012, with the majority coming in the final quarter of the year as the brand launched a new digital video studio and ramped up video production initiatives.** December was ESPNcricinfo’s record month, with 6.3 million online video starts – more than doubling the monthly average.*** In India, ESPNcricinfo ranked as the #1 site for online cricket video, totalling more unique visitors than the next seven competitive properties combined.**

ESPNFC, the global football brand, reached an average of nearly seven million online (not including mobile devices) unique visitors a month globally** in 2013 – making it one of the top football-specific brands in the world. (computers) recorded a record high 250 million total video starts* in 2013, which was up a massive 697 percent compared to 2012 totals. August 2013 marked a one-month record of 39.4 million video starts*. Additionally:
• Across computers and mobile devices, ESPNFC registered 4.8 billion total minutes1 and 3.1 billion page views across desktop, mobile web and apps, up 15 percent compared to 2012.*
• ONLINE: reached an average of 4.8 million unique visitors a month (persons 15+) that consumed more than 1.1 billion total minutes for the year* – and that is not including mobile devices.
• MOBILE: On mobile, ESPNFC generated a total of 1.6 billion mobile page views globally (Web + Apps), up 50 percent from 2012.* App use saw the biggest acceleration in growth, generating a total of 190 million page views globally, up 197% from 2012.
• tallied a total of 21.6 million page views and 15.4 million visits in 2013, up 35 percent and 38 percent respectively*

ESPN’s live sports streaming service, ESPN Player – featuring both live and on-demand access to hundreds of live sporting events (including NCAA College Basketball and Football, X Games and more) – produced nearly 30 million minutes* of viewing for 2013, up 55 percent compared to 2012. Average Monthly Unique Users were up 29 percent compared to 2012 and Average Time Spent per Visitor increased to 51 minutes in 2013*.
• After launching a tablet app in December 2012, ESPN Player on tablets saw particularly strong growth, already making up 13 percent and 16 percent of total viewing minutes in November and December, respectively.
• ESPN Player also launched on connected TV’s in 2013, making the live streaming service available across Samsung and LG televisions to fans across the UK and Europe.

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Sources: *Adobe Analytics; **comScore; ***Adobe SiteCatalyst; ****Nielsen
1 Due to a methodology change in measurement, there is not a valid comparison to 2012

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