Exclusive Interview – Michael Clarke

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Exclusive Interview – Michael Clarke

In a recent trip to the USA, Australia captain Michael Clarke spoke to ESPNcricinfo.com about Martin Crowe’s recent criticism of Australian aggression towards opposition players and the potential introduction of Day/Night Test cricket.

Part one of the interview is available on ESPNcricinfo today now, and part two will be available to view tomorrow.

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…On Martin Crowe’s critical comments in the 151st Wisden Almanack about Australia’s aggression throughout the home Ashes series and South Africa tour. Crowe: ‘Too often, it becomes crudely personal. And that is when cricket’s sprit and integrity are lost’

“We [Australia] play our cricket hard on the field, but as Australians we understand there is a line you can’t cross… you can go close to it but you can’t cross it… The Australian way is to play tough non-compromising cricket on the field.”

…On his altercation with James Anderson in the Brisbane Ashes Test

“What I said to James Anderson wasn’t appropriate, especially being over a stump mic… sometimes when you are playing international sport at the highest level, emotions come out for people to see.”

…On why there appear to be more confrontational incidents in Test cricket in comparison to other cricket formats

“I don’t [think there are more incidents in Test cricket], I think it’s just what some of the media picks up. …you are as pumped for one day and T20 as you are for Test cricket. I can tell you about in my career 100 different incidents that no-one knows about because it’s not over the stump mic or can’t be seen firsthand.”

…On Australia’s aggressive approach under Ricky Ponting, and whether this mentality is passed down or ingrained in the Australian cricket

“We [Australia] do everything in our power to uphold the spirit of the game, the integrity of the game is crucial. We all know that as players and certainly as captain of Australia it is part of my job to ensure we always uphold the integrity of the game.”

…On whether Day/Night Test cricket is needed for Test cricket to survive

“I think there is room for all three forms of the game. It is great that ODI and T20 cricket can be day/night, but I don’t believe we need day/night Test cricket for Test cricket to survive.”

…On the introduction of the pink ball

“I think I would have to try it first, I don’t think it would be fair or right for me to sit here and say yes or no. I think I need to experience it.”


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