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ESPN Personalisation


  • New functionality will allow fans to customise their experience and prioritise the content most important to them
  • TV ad celebrates personal joy of sport

ESPN today began to introduce personalisation features for the UK edition of its global multi-sport website. Visitors to will now be able to personalise their experience to ensure they always have direct access to the content that matters most to them.

The personalisation engine will enable fans of top English and European football teams to follow their chosen club, ensuring the latest news, features and results for their team will always be easily accessible as soon as they visit In addition fans can personalise the site’s navigation to prioritise their favourite global and US sports including football, rugby, cricket, F1, basketball and American football.

This functionality is the starting point for the service, with the company planning to introduce more layers of detail into the system to enable fans to get a deeper experience of all the sports they love. The new feature will be available for users who register their favourite teams and sports, and will work across any device – mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop – where they are logged in.

The launch of personalisation will be marked by a new TV advert ( that will air on BT Sport channels this week. The commercial celebrates how fans are drawn to follow sports for their own unique reasons, and features impactful animated treatments of the emotions that sport evokes, such as struggle, exhilaration and joy.

Charles Classen, Vice President and General Manager, ESPN EMEA, said: “ESPN is a company of sports fans, so we understand that every fan is different. We all have our own combination of favourite sports and teams, and personalisation allows each user to tailor their ESPN experience to suit them. We are proud of having one of the most engaged audiences in the UK, and this latest development only deepens the way we are able to serve sports fans.”

The introduction of personalisation is also set to benefit brands working with ESPN, as advertisers will be able to take advantage of the additional insight and improved understanding of consumer behaviour.



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