ESPN Player to premiere two brand new 30 for 30 documentaries on Bruce Lee and Lance Armstrong

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ESPN Player to premiere two brand new 30 for 30 documentaries on Bruce Lee and Lance Armstrong

Streaming service ESPN Player will premiere two new documentaries from ESPN Films’ Peabody and Academy Award-winning 30 for 30 series as it brings viewers across Europe, Middle East and Africa LANCE and Be Water.

Leading the slate on Monday 25 May – available immediately after its TV premiere on ESPN in the US – will be part one of the two-part film, LANCE, which features unprecedented access to Armstrong through raw interviews and personal perspective on his controversial story, and is directed by Marina Zenovich (Fantastic Lies, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind). Part two will be available on demand the following Monday 1 June.

Bao Nguyen’s film Be Water, an intimate and very personal look at the life and purpose that motivated Bruce Lee, the martial artist trailblazer and pop culture icon, will debut on Monday 8 June. Both films received acclaim at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Advance press screeners available upon request.

30 for 30 Film Summaries and Dates:

LANCE directed by Marina Zenovich

Part 1: Monday 25 May, on ESPN Player

Part 2: Monday 1 June, on ESPN Player

From acclaimed director Marina Zenovich, LANCE is a fascinating, revealing, comprehensive chronicle of one of the most inspirational – and then infamous – athletes of all time. Based around extensive interviews and conversations with Lance Armstrong, the two-part, four-hour film tells the story of the cyclist’s rise out of Texas as a young superstar cyclist; his harrowing battle with testicular cancer; his recovery and emergence as a global icon with his seven consecutive Tour de France titles; and then his massive fall after he was exposed in one of the largest doping scandals in history.

Armstrong, along with a collection of teammates, friends, rivals, and journalists, all reflect on his story, creating a fascinating character study, capturing a unique chapter of sports history, and insisting the audience make its own interpretations about the many different sides of a complex saga.

Be Water directed by Bao Nguyen

Monday 8 June, on ESPN Player

In 1971, after being rejected by Hollywood, Bruce Lee returned to his parents’ homeland, Hong Kong. Over the next two years, he’d complete four iconic films that would define his legacy, a legacy cut short when he died, stunningly, in the summer of 1973. He was 32 years old.

Be Water is a gripping, fascinating, intimate look at not just those final, defining years of Lee’s life, but the complex, often difficult, and seismic journey that led to Lee’s ultimate emergence as a singular icon in the histories of film, martial arts, and even the connection between the eastern and western worlds.

The film chronicles Lee’s earliest days, as the son of a Chinese opera star born while his father was on tour in San Francisco, and then raised in Hong Kong over what became an at times troubled childhood. Sent to live in America at the age of 18, he began teaching Kung Fu in Seattle, and established a following that included his future wife, Linda. His ambition ever rising, Lee eventually made his way to Los Angeles, where he strove to break into American film and television. There, despite some success as a fight choreographer and actor, it was clear Hollywood wasn’t ready for an Asian leading man – and so he returned to Hong Kong to make the films that would in fact make him a legend, his international star skyrocketing just as his life was cut short.

Be Water is told entirely by the family, friends, and collaborators who knew Bruce Lee best, with an extraordinary trove of archive film providing an evocative, immersive visual tapestry that captures Lee’s charisma, his passion, his philosophy, and the eternal beauty and wonder of his art.

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ESPN Player is home to an extensive catalogue of ESPN Films sports documentaries, including many from the Peabody and Emmy Award-winning 30 For 30 series. The line-up includes Oscar-winning documentary OJ: Made In America, and features more than 400 documentaries and features covering subjects as diverse as the link between the narcotics trade and professional football in Colombia in The Two Escobars, to the story behind Mike Tyson’s shocking loss to Buster Douglas in 42-1.

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