Celia Bouza

Celia Bouza

VP, NEXT and Social Production

Celia Bouza is a Vice President at ESPN, holding the dual role of overseeing the NEXT program and leading Social Production. In her role, Bouza has successfully cultivated a diverse talent pipeline, contributing skilled professionals to over 25 departments within The Walt Disney Company (TWDC). Notably, she has played a pivotal role in the establishment of the NEXT Accelerator, an exclusive career accelerator program designed for top talent within ESPN NEXT.

In 2023, Bouza was promoted to Vice President and coupled her NEXT responsibilities with Social Production. She held the position of Senior Director, ESPN NEXT for 2 years and in her role, she was responsible for the oversight of 250+ Production Assistants and Content Associates. Bouza, now as VP, continues to play a key role in daily program operations, spearheading recruitment, training and development initiatives, and long-range strategic planning.

Her impact on ESPN NEXT began in May 2019, marked by her return to Production as Director of NEXT – the same program that jumpstarted her career nine years earlier. Building on this foundation, in 2017, Bouza expanded her influence as she was promoted to Associate Director within Technology Operations at the Walt Disney Company. In this role, she handled the intake, prioritization, and funding allocation for technology requests from various ESPN business units including Studio Production, Remote Production, Programming, Creative Services and Social and Digital Video.

Her journey at ESPN began in 2010 as a Production Assistant, where she produced a wide range of content, from SportsCenter highlights to teases for Sunday NFL Countdown. Bouza’s role as Associate Producer during her final two years in Production garnered consecutive Emmy awards for her work on features for College GameDay.

Celia’s trajectory at ESPN also includes her tenure in Production Enhancements, where she served as a liaison between Production, Technology, and other groups, contributing to the generation of cutting-edge ideas and facilitating the implementation of new techniques to enhance content and storytelling. During this period, she managed a team of talented motion graphics designers and earned her third Emmy while working on Monday Night Football.

A native of Bakersfield, California, Celia graduated with a degree in communications from California State University Bakersfield.


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