Jack Mitrani

Jack Mitrani

Host of X Games

Jack Mitrani, host of X Games since 2016, is one of snowboarding’s most popular personalities. After spending 12 years as a competitive snowboarder, he translated his talents into a career that celebrates his entrepreneurial and vivacious spirit. He returns to the X Games Aspen telecast team, his third as host.

Early in Mitrani’s career, he got his start by producing gut-busting comedic skits, and has since refined professional action sports footage that broadcast greats such as ESPN, HBO and NBC have chased down through the years.

In 2008, Mitrani and friends Danny Davis, Dave Driscoll and Keir Dillon started the Frends Crew, all centering around the concept that “there’s no I in frends.”  Initially, the crew consisted of seven pro-snowboarders who traveled the world, making funny videos and skits, while winning major snowboarding contests, and promoting that collaboration was more fun than doing it solo. Today he is best known as a television host — most notably serving as the host of X Games — Frendly Gathering cofounder, content creator and Martin Guitar Ambassador.

Born and raised in Long Island, Mitrani’s family moved to Vermont after he and brother/pro snowboarder Luke convinced their parents to allow them to attend Stratton Mountain School, where snowboarding was a part of the curriculum.

Mitrani currently resides in Burlington, Vt. with his fiancé, Hannah. They recently welcomed a new addition to their family, Willa Rose Mitrani.

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