Sean Hanrahan

Sean Hanrahan

Senior Vice President, Marketing Solutions and Brand Marketing

Sean Hanrahan is senior vice president of Brand and Marketing Solutions, leading the integrated sales marketing team in conjunction with the Brand Marketing group.

The Marketing Solutions team is responsible for all sales marketing activities and is focused on delivering unique ideas that connect advertisers to ESPN’s content in a seamless, organic way.  The team is organized into two key groups:  Sports Marketing and CreativeWorks.  The overall Marketing Solutions group has been identified, in independent industry surveys among over 30 media sales organizations, as the number one resource for developing creative and innovative multiplatform opportunities.

Hanrahan’s oversight of Brand Marketing coincided with the alignment of the Sales and Marketing groups in 2015. The brand team is focused on ESPN’s relationship with its fans and driving awareness, tune-in and usage across all of ESPN’s platforms. Additionally, it develops award-winning campaigns including “This is SportsCenter” and works closely with the production and programming groups to maximize the impact of the marketing and communications strategies developed for each initiative.

Having joined ESPN in 2000 as vice president of Sponsorship Management and Promotions, Hanrahan was promoted to vice president of Strategic Partnership and Sponsorship Management in 2002, developing sponsorship strategies for all parts of the sales organization.

In 2004, Hanrahan was appointed to the Senior Management team, leading the reorganization of the Customer Marketing and Sales division as it became the first multimedia sales force in the media industry, and assumed the responsibility of managing the and ESPN The Magazine ad sales groups.

Prior to joining ESPN, Hanrahan worked at Tracy Locke. His last position there was as Executive Concept Director of an innovative think tank called the Department of Ideas. Before that, he was the head of client services on the Pepsi business, leading the strategic and creative development of major national promotions such as Pepsi’s tie-in with “Star Wars: Episode I” and The Pepsi Challenge.

Hanrahan is a graduate of LaSalle University.