Gator God Tim Tebow on the Cover of ESPN The Magazine


Gator God Tim Tebow on the Cover of ESPN The Magazine

Tim Tebow - Sept. 21, 2009 Issue
Tim Tebow - Sept. 21, 2009 Issue

You won the Heisman Trophy in your sophomore year of college and helped your team to two national championship victories. You broke school and conference records, and even turned down an early shot at the NFL to come back for your senior year at the University of Florida. You’re Tim Tebow, and everyone wants to know what is going on inside your head. Luckily, funny-man Kenny Mayne got a chance to sit down with the Gators quarterback for an offbeat Q&A in the new issue of ESPN The Magazine, on sale today, Tebow discusses his missionary trips to the Philippines, what Jesus would tweet, and of course, his future as an NFL quarterback.


  • Tebow on handling the pressure: “I get asked all the time about pressure… But pressure is when you’re fighting for your life in the hospital or for your next meal. There are millions of people who haven’t eaten in three days. Me? I’m playing a game I love, and people happen to be watching. That’s not pressure.”
  • Tebow: “My goal ever since I was a little kid has been to play quarterback at the next level. And I’m going to work as hard as I can to do that.”

Plus, in every quarterback’s career, there’s the make it -or-break it year: That year when the franchise, its fans and the quarterback determine whether they are meant to be together for the long haul. For Tony Romo that year is now. Coming off a 12-month stretch in which he failed to lead the Cowboys to the playoffs, and had a messy celebrity breakup, give fans reason to question his focus. What matters is winning—and if Romo can’t lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl run in his fourth year as starter, could there be another kind of messy breakup in his future?


  • Romo: “The quarterback and the head coach are the only ones who get a win-loss record attached to their name. The defensive end doesn’t deal with that. You get way too much credit when you win, and when you don’t, well…”
  • Romo: “I’m able to decipher the difference between things that can affect me and those that can’t. I don’t put much stock in the tabloids because I realize 80% of it is made up. I don’t talk about my personal life: I think I’ve talked about it twice in three years.”
  • Roy Williams, Cowboys wide receiver on Romo: “He’s done everything he’s supposed to do, and everything they’ve asked him to do, but he hasn’t won a playoff game. That means a lot here. Right or wrong, it falls back on the quarterback.”


In his second column for The Magazine, “Player X,” an anonymous NFL star who will write a bi-weekly column during the football season from a pro-player’s perspective, tackles the issue of welcoming back Michael Vick to the NFL – he thinks there’s no debate.


  • On any given day, I and other players in the NFL could tell you where to find a dogfight in our old neighborhoods.
  • From our perspective (NFL players), he paid dearly for it. He went to prison and was publicly shamed. He lost millions of dollars and the respect of the fans he’ll never get back. I’m hoping things die down, and people just allow him to play football. But because of his fame, that probably won’t happen: he’ll never live this down.



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