SportsNation Set to Attempt Record for Favre References in One Hour

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SportsNation Set to Attempt Record for Favre References in One Hour

For one day, SportsNation will be FavreNation. In anticipation of the Monday Night Football matchup of Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings against the Green Bay Packers (8 p.m. ET, ESPN), SportsNation will get a little more animated than usual when it goes for a “Brett Favre Blowout” during the one-hour show Monday, Oct. 5, at 5 p.m. on ESPN2.


Poking fun at the media fascination with Favre, who has now started a record 272 consecutive games, FavreNation hosts Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle will attempt to say “Favre” 275 times during the show.


FavreNation will also feature the weirdest Brett Favre videos on the Web, a special, original Brett Favre song and Beadle starring in reincarnations of some of Favre’s most famous commercials. Beadle will also sport a different Favre T-shirt in each of the five segments.


“I love three things in life: my family, my dog and Brett Favre,” Beadle said. “Not necessarily in that order.”


Along with Cowherd and Beadle, fan participation via tweets, e-mails, Facebook and phone calls, as well as contributions from producers and other studio staff, will multiply the frequency with which the show references the world’s most famous No. 4.


Cowherd will buy Wranglers for the entire crew to wear.


“The producers told me I needed to mention Brett’s name 150 times on Monday,” Cowherd said. “I didn’t realize that made this show different than any other one.”


According to Jamie Horowitz, SportsNation coordinating producer and co-creator along with Kevin Wildes, this special edition speaks to the core of what SportsNation is.


“We have three rules that guide the vision of SportsNation,” Horowitz said. “1 – Talk about things we would talk about even if we didn’t have a TV show; 2 – Don’t take ourselves too seriously; 3 – Absolutely, positively never stop checking Google alerts for Brett Favre news. Monday’s FavreNation is the perfect combination.”


On SportsNation, Cowherd and Beadle interact with fans throughout the telecast, essentially making sports fans the third host of the show. The show airs weekdays at 4 p.m., and re-airs at midnight, on ESPN2. Fans can deliver their input via Twitter (@SportsNation); Facebook (ESPN-SportsNation);’s SportsNation web page; e-mail ([email protected]); and phone calls (1-888-FAN-ESPN) before, during and after the show.



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