ESPN’s Michigan at No. 1 Kansas College Basketball Telecast to Get Green Treatment Dec. 19

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ESPN’s Michigan at No. 1 Kansas College Basketball Telecast to Get Green Treatment Dec. 19

“Green Game” to Feature Environmental Conservation Message throughout Telecast 

ESPN’s Michigan at No. 1 Kansas men’s college basketball telecast Saturday, Dec. 19, at noon ET will get the “Green Game” treatment through special on-air elements and behind-the-scenes efforts to conserve energy resources and deliver environmental messages. 

As part of the “Green Game,” ESPN will utilize on-air graphics to provide information on environmental conservation, what it means to be eco-friendly and raise awareness of environmental responsibility within the sports community. Dave O’Brien will call the game with analyst Jay Bilas and reporter Holly Rowe. Special production elements that will be used during the telecast include: 

  • Kermit the Frog will introduce the “Green Game” telecast with an environmental message; 
  • Vignettes will showcase green initiatives by both universities, including:
    • Kansas: Use of elliptical machines to generate energy for campus power and creating bio diesel fuel from the cooking fat used in dining halls.
    • Michigan: Use of hybrid buses in Ann Arbor and for university transportation and the organization of “Zero Waste Tailgates” at Michigan football games. 
  • Kansas coach Bill Self and Michigan coach John Beilein will discuss the importance of conservation; 
  • Special animation and graphics packages will be used, including:
    • Green colored graphics and the debut of  a green tinted ESPN logo that swipes across the screen prior to replays;
    • Use of a “Green Game” logo in the corner of the screen during ESPN programming leading up to – and throughout – the game;
    • Full screen graphics panels providing conservation-themed information;
    • The star watch element – showcasing star players to track during the game — featuring a green appearance and highlighting two players who lead the way in being eco-friendly. 

In addition to on-air elements, conservation efforts around the game, including for ESPN’s production of the game, will include: 

  • The host city of Lawrence, Kan. has purchased 8,000 kWh of electricity to offset the power use of Allen Fieldhouse for the day through a local hydroelectric power plant;
  • ESPN will use LED lights for lighting the on-air personalities during segments and rechargeable batteries in various equipment;
  • Kansas will place 30 new recycle bins with green footprints leading to the containers throughout Allen Fieldhouse;
  • In addition to limiting the number of rental cars, every rental car utilized by ESPN game production staff will be a hybrid;
  • ESPN crew members will be provided with reusable water bottles and have access to water from a cooler or Gatorade mixed from powder;
  • adidas will sponsor warm up shirts made from organic cotton for both teams, the spirit squad and mascots;
  • Team mascots will collect recyclables during game time-outs;
  • Every concession location in Allen Fieldhouse will serve popcorn in paper bags instead of the previously used plastic containers. 


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