ESPN Home Entertainment Releases X Games: The Movie On DVD

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ESPN Home Entertainment Releases X Games: The Movie On DVD

Action sports fans get unlimited access to the X Games with the release of X Games: The Movie on DVD.  ESPN Home Entertainment, in conjunction with Team Marketing and Buena Vista Home Entertainment, release this exciting new feature from award-winning filmmaker Steve Lawrence (Down the Barrel).  Narrated by Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild), the film takes fans behind the scenes with six action sports legends to experience all the sacrifice and glory that comes with competing on the biggest stage in action sports. X Games: The Movie is available now on DVD nationwide for $19.95 SRP and Movie Download.

X Games: The Movie, released theatrically in 3D August 2009, features legendary athletes as they endure to reach extraordinary heights: Shaun White riding the SuperPipe, Ricky Carmichael and Kyle Loza flying through the air on two wheels, Travis Pastrana racing the back roads and Bob Burnquist and Danny Way atop the Big Air ramp.

The DVD is loaded with 90 minutes of thrilling bonus features including two new behind-the-scenes featurettes with Shaun White and Travis Pastrana, X Games 15 competition highlights and a 44-minute documentary on the 15 most memorable moments in X Games history.

STREET DATE: January 12, 2010
Pricing: $19.99 SRP (US); $TBD (Canada)
Feature run time: Approx. 92 min.
Rated: PG for Extreme Sports Action and Accidents; PG in Canada
Bonus Materials Not Rated
Technical specifications may only apply to feature.
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
Sound: 5.1 Surround Sound
Languages: English
Subtitles:  French, Spanish 

X Games: The Movie captures the drama and spectacle that play out at the X Games events and tells the stories of the iconic action sports personalities Shaun White, Travis Pastrana, Danny Way, Ricky Carmichael, Kyle Loza and Bob Burnquist.  Pushing themselves and the equipment they ride to places never thought possible — fans get a firsthand account of how these athletes abandon their fear, and risk it all to redefine the limits of the sport.  Ride the SuperPipe with Shaun White, fly through the air on two wheels with Ricky Carmichael and Kyle Loza, race the back roads with Travis Pastrana, and stand atop the big Air Ramp with Bob Burnquist and Danny Way – for an inside look at what these legendary athletes endure to reach extraordinary heights. Loaded with thrilling bonus features, this is the X Games as you have never seen it before.

About Featured athletes:

Shaun White (Skateboard, Snowboard)
A superstar in both skateboard and snowboard, Shaun White, 22, captured Winter Olympic gold in 2006. He also owns the most medals (gold and total) in Winter X Games history and has three X Games medals from Skateboard Vert. White still finds time to shred on his guitars, design clothing lines and surf near his Carlsbad, California, home.

Travis Pastrana (Moto X, Rally Car Racing)
Just 25, Travis Pastrana has earned 14 X Games medals, including seven gold in Moto X disciplines and two gold from Rally Car Racing. He calls Annapolis, Maryland, home but spends more time traveling the world trying double backflips on his motorcycle, skydiving without a parachute (really!) and starring in his own MTV show. Pastrana recently made history when he jumped his rally car 269 feet onto a floating barge in Long Beach at the Red Bull: New Year. No Limits event on New Year’s Eve.

Danny Way (Skateboard)
Danny Way, 35, created the first mega ramp and was instrumental in bringing Skateboard Big Air to the X Games. The San Diego native has three gold medals from the discipline. Jumping the Great Wall of China on his skateboard and dropping into a vert ramp from a helicopter are just two of his countless feats. 

Ricky Carmichael (Moto X)
Known as the GOAT – Greatest Of All Time, the 29-year-old from Havana, Florida, tallied 10 straight AMA Motocross championships and collected a record 150 AMA motocross/Supercross event victories. He not only made his debut to X Games in 2007, but he landed gold for Moto X Racing and took gold in 2008 for Step Up.  

Bob Burnquist (Skateboard)
One of only four athletes to compete at every X Games, Bob Burnquist, 32, owns 15 X Games medals – including six gold – and is a living skateboard legend. The Brazilian balances his love of skating with a passion for protecting the environment, and he promotes both at every opportunity. 

Kyle Loza (Moto X)
The three-time defending X Games gold medalist in Moto X Best Trick, 23-year-old Kyle Loza flashes creativity whether playing in his band, tattooing or going big on his motorcycle. The Trabuco Canyon, California, resident is at the forefront of freestyle motocross.

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