The Other Hasselbeck (no, the other one) Walks in Husband’s Shoes for the Day


The Other Hasselbeck (no, the other one) Walks in Husband’s Shoes for the Day

Daytime Emmy-Award winning co-host of ABC’s The View Elisabeth Hasselbeck made the trip Tuesday to ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn., where she sat at the desk on NFL Live and joined Jay Harris on the set of SportsCenter in place of her husband, ESPN NFL analyst Tim Hasselbeck, for the day. Elisabeth’s appearance on NFL Live included analysis of the Buffalo Bills’ hiring of head coach Chan Gailey, giving conference championship predictions and facing off against her brother-in-law, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, to determine who knows Tim best.

Said Elisabeth, “This was my first trip to Bristol and it was nice to take the ride up here with Tim and walk in his shoes for the day. It’s something I watch all the time and to see the behind-the-scenes and how everything operates, it’s eye-opening. When you are in your own comfort zone, you get used to the flow of the day. Here the learning curve is really, really steep, but it’s been a lot of fun and everyone has been great to me. I definitely underestimated all that Tim has to know and get out in a short period of time on-air, and I give him a lot of credit.”

To complete the swap, Tim will take Elisabeth’s seat on The View on Thursday, Jan. 28, on ABC and will match wits with the all-female panel – Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Sheperd and Barbara Walters.

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