Who Has 'The (Better) View' about Football? Hasselbecks Switch Jobs


Who Has 'The (Better) View' about Football? Hasselbecks Switch Jobs

Monday morning on ABC’s The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a Daytime Emmy Award-winning co-host of the show, announced on air that she and her husband, ESPN NFL analyst Tim Hasselbeck, will be swapping jobs for one day.

“So many times we ask, ‘How did work go today?’ ” Elisabeth said of conversations at home with her husband. “Undoubtedly we will be finding out the hard way as we switch jobs. The question then will be, ‘What have we gotten ourselves into?’ ”

On Tuesday, Jan. 19, Elisabeth will spend her morning as she does any other day, co-hosting “The View” alongside Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters. But, that afternoon, she will travel north to ESPN’s studios in Bristol, Conn., where she will appear in Tim’s place on ESPN programs, including “NFL Live.”

Tim will complete the job swap Thursday, Jan. 28, at ABC Studios in New York, where he will occupy Elisabeth’s seat. His wife will wait behind the scenes in the Green Room, ready to offer her critique. The former NFL quarterback will share his perspective and match wits with the all-female panel as they discuss the latest news, celebrity gossip and events of the day.

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