Broken Hearts on Valentine's Day

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Broken Hearts on Valentine's Day

ESPN Classic’s Heartbreakers Marathon on Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, will remind sports fans that love affairs may result in painful memories. The eight-hour block of programming, will begin at 11 a.m. ET with the 1978 American League East one-game playoff in which Bucky Dent stuck a dagger in the hearts of Red Sox fans to give the Yankees a dramatic win.  After games where Indians fans and Mets fans suffer similar hearache (see schedule below), at 5 p.m. Cub fans can relive the moment the name “Bartman” become part of the team’s star-crossed lore, the 2003 NLCS Game 6 in which fan Steve Bartman caught a foul ball which eventually led to the loss to the Marlins. 

Valentine’s Day on ESPN Classic 

11a,m. — 1978 AL East Playoff: Yankees vs Red Sox:  Bucky Dent stuck a dagger in the heart of all Red Sox fans as he punched a 3-run homer over the Green Monster to give the Yankees a 3-2 lead. The Yankees held on to win and earn a spot in the playoffs.

1 p.m. — 1997 World Series, Game 7: Indians vs Marlins:  Edgar Renteria’s RBI single in the 11th inning added to the suffering of Indians fans as the 5-year-old Marlins won their first World Series.

3 p.m. — 1986 World Series, Game 6: Red Sox vs Mets: The hits keep on coming for Red Sox fans in 1986 when a slow roller went under the legs of Bill Buckner. The rest is history as the Mets went on to win the World Series.

5 p.m. 2003 NLCS, Game 6: Marlins vs Cubs: Cub fans were praying for five more outs, but when a foul ball drifted towards the stands, Steve Bartman got in the way and the Cubs misery continues to this day.

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