Hopkins Smacks Back on SportsNation after Roy Jones Jr.’s Pre-Bout Smack Talk

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Hopkins Smacks Back on SportsNation after Roy Jones Jr.’s Pre-Bout Smack Talk


On Friday, Feb. 19, after last week’s news conference previewing the Roy Jones Jr. vs. Bernard Hopkins bout April 3, Hopkins joined co-hosts Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle on SportsNation presented by Toyota (weekdays, 4 p.m. ET and midnight, ESPN2) to rate some choice words from Jones on SportsNation’s “BS Meter.”



Jones had said Hopkins is beating fighters to whom Jones has lost in an attempt to prove Hopkins is better.  “He’s overly motivated because he wants to beat me so bad,” Jones said during the news conference. “He’s been beating fighters that are over his head to prove he’s better than me. That’s his indirect way of saying he’s better than me.”



Hopkins told Cowherd and Beadle he wasn’t buying it.  “That’s definitely BS – he knows that I’m a better fighter, and I get a chance to prove it,” Hopkins said.



Cowherd and Beadle implied to Hopkins that it was clear Jones was “poking at” him with the comments.  “Well, he better do it now, because he ain’t going to be able to do it April 3,” Hopkins replied.



Hopkins then ranked Jones’ comments on the BS Meter, a scale that measures the validity of statements through four levels: Not BS; A Little BS; BS; and Total BS. Hopkins ranked Jones’ statement as “Total BS,” sliding the meter as far as it would go. SportsNation, however, didn’t quite agree, gauging the notable quote as just the standard “BS.”



For the final blow in the segment, Hopkins pasted a cutout of Jones’ face to the SportsNation “Liar Board,” adding that the Liar Board was “where it’s supposed to be.”

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