SportsNation has Explosive Expectations with 'Super Boulder' Bets

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SportsNation has Explosive Expectations with 'Super Boulder' Bets

“Whose boulder will blow up first – Saints or Colts?” The burning question is one that SportsNation just had to answer.

During Super Bowl week, the only thing bigger than the hype is the betting. Proposition bets, such as, “Which team will win the coin flip?” or “How many songs will be on The Who’s playlist?” or “Who will be shown on TV more often during the game, Archie Manning or Kim Kardashian?” have become “Super” popular.

And since these props have entered the world of the absurd, SportsNation decided to get in on the action.

For Super Bowl week fun, the SportsNation crew went to the Allyndale Limestone Quarry in Canaan, Conn., and painted two 7-foot tall boulders – one with the Colts’ horseshoe, and the other with the Saints’ fleur de lis. Bob Britton, an explosives professional, rigged the two boulders with 5 pounds of dynamite. Then the great debate began: Whose Super Boulder would blow up first? SporstNation co-hosts Michelle Beadle and Marcellus Wiley, along with the fans on, made their picks for which boulder would explode first.

The answer was unveiled on Thursday’s edition of SportsNation presented by Toyota. Watch the clip here.

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