Albert Pujols on the Cover of ESPN The Magazine: MLB Fantasy Preview Issue


Albert Pujols on the Cover of ESPN The Magazine: MLB Fantasy Preview Issue

Maz_PujolsWith Albert Pujols’ many accomplishments on and off the field, it’s no wonder people want to know what drives him. The three-time MVP is admittedly serious and, as seen with this Pujols Family Foundation, doesn’t take one thing he has for granted. In ESPN The Magazine’s MLB Fantasy Preview, on newsstands now, writer Tim Keown highlights the double-cover subject, one of the most feared hitters in baseball—and one of the most giving athletes to those in need. Also in this issue’s “The Insider” column, Jay Bilas argues that Zone D, famously used by Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, is actually more effective than the more popular man-to-man defense.  And for the first time in The Mag is “Player X”, the NBA edition, dishing on how players are at risk of getting blackballed out of the NBA, just for being a bad influence.

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