Deion Sanders on the Cover of ESPN The Magazine


Deion Sanders on the Cover of ESPN The Magazine

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Deion Sanders may be retired from the NFL, but is “Prime Time” still living up to his nickname? His mentoring Pee Wee to pro football players has caused some debate and even prompted the NCAA to investigate his relationships with some of it’s rising stars. In “The Curious Case of Deion Sanders” ESPN The Magazine’s Seth Wickersham questions Sanders’ influence—positive and negative—on younger football players in this week’s issue, on newsstands now. Also in this issue…Chris Broussard, for “The Insider,” proves that the increased NBA-play prep-to-pro players are exposed to makes their bodies much older than their age. And…“Player X,” MLB, gives fans the scoop on why most veteran players bolt from spring games early.Sanders Article:

ESPN The Magazine Cover: Deion Sanders



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