Drysdale "Thrilled" World Cup in His Homeland

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Drysdale "Thrilled" World Cup in His Homeland

Cliff Drysdale played soccer as a boy in South Africa, along with a bit of tennis that led him to a long ATP career (35 titles and ranked in Top 10 six times) followed by a longer (now in his 31st year) career with ESPN.  A longtime proud naturalized U.S. citizen, he is looking forward to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in his native land, as told to Michelle Kaufman of the Miami Herald:

“I am thrilled the World Cup is in South Africa because there is no greater or longer showcase than the World Cup, and this will allow the best parts of the country to be on display,” said Drysdale, who grew up in South Africa and whose father was mayor of Nelspruit, one of the World Cup host cities. “I think it’s a terrific thing FIFA did, to give Africa a chance to put its best foot forward. People think of South Africa as challenged and backward, and this is a huge opportunity to change perceptions. I truly believe it is going to be a wonderful event and change South Africa forever.”

For the full story:  http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/05/16/v-fullstory/1631865/its-time-for-south-africa-to-host.html#storylink=twtuser

Dave Nagle

As I write this on 11-11-21, it's now 35 years for me at ESPN, the only real job I’ve ever had. I joined merely to help with the upcoming America’s Cup in Australia. I was told it would be for three months at all of $5.50 per hour. I like to say I simply kept showing up. I’ve worked on almost every sport, plus answered viewer calls and letters (people used to write!), given tours, written the company newsletter and once drove NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon to the local airport. My travels have been varied…I’ve been to Martinsville, Darlington, Indy and Super Bowls; the America’s Cup (all 3) in San Diego and College GameDay in the sport’s meccas such as Eugene, Auburn, Lubbock, Stillwater and more; the NBA Finals, Wimbledon (16 times and counting) and the “other Bristol,” the one with a race track in Tennessee. These days, my main areas are tennis, UFC, boxing, network-wide ratings (by month/quarter/year), and corporate communications documents, including fact sheets, chronologies, lists and nearly 35 of the Year in Review press releases. UPDATE EXACTLY ONE YEAR LATER: Today, November 11, 2022, I am retiring from ESPN -- 36 years to the day I began. As I ride off into the sunset – top down and E Street Radio blaring – I do so with so many wonderful memories, proud of my contributions and a heart full of gratitude for the opportunity. 
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