Giuseppe Rossi on the Cover of ESPN The Magazine

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Giuseppe Rossi on the Cover of ESPN The Magazine

2010 -- ESPN The Magazine -- Giuseppe Rossi

Much to the disappointment of U.S. fans, New Jersey-born soccer stud Giuseppe Rossi will be wearing the Italian colors this summer in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Looking at Rossi’s childhood and achievements so far, ESPN The Magazine writer Jeff Bradley tells the story of how the soccer phenom became a member of the Azzurri in “The One Who Got Away” in the new issue on newsstands today.  The Mag has an Outside The Lines complementary piece as well, “Clearing the Dirty Air,” in which Ryan McGee highlights NASCAR’s Busch brothers and their rivalry both on and off the track. And…“Player X,” NBA, talks contracts and what the salary cap does for the league.  



 MLB Confidential:
Anybody But Farnsworth (MLB)
The last person players want to face during a bench-clearing brawl? Royals middle reliever Kyle Farnsworth. We don’t blame ‘em. By Luke Cyphers – Link Also in ESPN The Magazine: 

Clearing the Dirty Air (Motorsports)
Like any siblings, the Busch brothers have had their squabbles. But Kurt and Kyle have patched things up, which means the rest of NASCAR should be worried. By Ryan McGee

The Man For the Moment (UFC)
He’s not sexy. But UFC champ and master technician Lyoto Machida is exactly what MMA needs. By Tim Keown – Link 

756 (MLB)
Henry Aaron was pretty quiet during Barry Bonds’ chase for the home run record. In an exclusive excerpt from The Last Hero, we find out why. 

Selling The Call (NBA)
The best performances of the post-season often happen just before a ref blows the whistle. By Alyssa Roenigk – Link 

How To Land An NFL Coaching Job In Six Easy Steps! (NFL)
In 2006, Daron Roberts was working as a pencil-pushing law clerk. Four years later, he’s coaching the Lions secondary. How’d that happen? By Vivian Chum


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 The Poll That Touches ‘Em All (MLB)
An even 100 players answer 20 odd questions. How’s Bud Selig doing? Who has the best groupies? And, when asked about who is the baddest dude in MLB, some said they’d fight anybody. Well… – Link

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