You’ve come a long way, Chuck Simmons – from Dearborn High to Mandela Square


You’ve come a long way, Chuck Simmons – from Dearborn High to Mandela Square

Chuck Simmons, a coordinating producer for ESPN International and ESPN Deportes, has an important role in this summer’s coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.  Simmons oversees the news and information efforts for those two ESPN platforms.

South Africa is a far cry away from Dearborn High School in Michigan where Chuck became passionate about following his dream of a career in TV.

 His teacher, Russ Gibb, a legendary Dearborn media personality, remembers Simmons well.  “What Chuck brought to class was an abundance of common sense. He was always creative, but in a practical point of view, “ said Gibb.

In South Africa, Simmons will guide a team of over 70 professionals from different parts of the world for the month-long, 32-team tournament.

“I’m amazed at how well he’s done, and how others have recognized his talent. Not only that, but he’s a nice guy,” said Gibb who still consults the Dearborn High School Media program.

“What Russ Gibb gave all of his students was opportunity,” says Simmons, who leaves for Africa June 1. ” He gave us access to equipment that no other schools had at the time and simply said ’go.’  I’ve traveled far in my career, but it all started in the Dearborn High School studio.”  

Gibb also recalled Simmons as a very good soccer player. Still a player, that background should come in handy as ESPN presents all 64 matches in high definition on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC, June 11-July 11.

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