ESPN’s Week in Baseball Release – June 2, 2010


ESPN’s Week in Baseball Release – June 2, 2010

ESPN Cuts Live to Galarraga’s Perfect Game Attempt; Galarraga Interviewed on WNB and Baseball Tonight
During its Wednesday Night Baseball telecast, ESPN cuts live to the eighth and ninth innings of the Cleveland at Detroit game as Detroit pitcher Armando Galarraga was attempting to complete a perfect game. The perfect game ended with two outs in the ninth on a missed call by the first base umpire. Following the game, Galarraga did phone interviews with Dave O’Brien and Rick Sutcliffe during WNB and Karl Ravech on Baseball Tonight.


Baseball Tonight Analyst John Kruk Looks at Albert Pujols’ Struggles

Analyst John Kruk dissects Albert Pujols’ swing against left-handed pitching, explaining why Pujols has been in a season-long slump against lefties.


The Impact of Rookies and Their Acceptance in Major League Clubhouses Discussed on Baseball Tonight

Analysts Nomar Garicaparra, John Kruk, and Bobby Valentine discuss the impact of rookies on Major League teams. Garciaparra, a former American League Rookie of the Year, shares his personal experience of what his rookie year was like. Kruk gives the perspective of a veteran, and offers personal experiences to show how elder players accept the rookies on a ball club. As a former Major League manager, Valentine explains why the chemistry between veterans and younger players is so important for a team to be successful.

Joe Morgan Compares the Swings of Vladimir Guerrero and Justin Morneau

Early in the Sunday Night Baseball telecast (May 30th), featuring the Texas Rangers and the Minnesota Twins, analyst Joe Morgan compares the swings of Vladimir Guerrero and Justin Morneau. Morgan explains how the two use different swings to become successful – Guerrero as a “hands hitter,” while Morneau uses his legs to generate power.


Orel Hershiser on the Pitching Philosophy Nolan Ryan Brings to the Texas Rangers

Hershiser said on Baseball Tonight, “I love what Nolan Ryan is doing by removing the crutch from the pitching staff and saying don’t look at the pitch count, don’t look over your shoulder to the bullpen, get out of your own jams, and having an attitude of a winner and a guy who wants to finish everything he starts.” Power Rankings

  1. Tampa Bay, 2) N.Y. Yankees, 3) Minnesota, 4) Cincinnati, 5) San Diego

Upcoming MLB schedule:
Sunday Night Baseball (June 6)
Milwaukee at St. Louis at 8 p.m. ET

(ESPN, ESPN HD, ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes,, ESPN Mobile TV)
Commentators: Jon Miller, Joe Morgan, Orel Hershiser

Monday Night Baseball (June 7)
San Diego at Philadelphia at 7 p.m. ET (ESPN)
Commentators: Dan Shulman, Chris Singleton, Aaron Boone
* ESPNEWS will be seen in the team markets

Wednesday Night Baseball (June 9)
Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee at 8 p.m. ET (ESPN)

Commentators: Dave O’Brien, Rick Sutcliffe
* ESPNEWS will be seen in team markets

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