Three-Part LeBron James Series on SportsCenter Starts Sunday


Three-Part LeBron James Series on SportsCenter Starts Sunday

SportsCenter will present a three-part LeBron James series (Sunday-Tuesday, June 20-22) debuting during Sunday’s 10 a.m. ET program on ESPN2. Mark Schwarz reports. 

Sunday, June 20 – The Wooing of LeBron: how cities have made their case;
Monday, June 21 – Global Marketing: how LeBron’s decision will impact global marketing;
Tuesday, June 22 – World Wide Wes: how much influence does William Wesley have?

Excerpts from the series:

“I think if you’re going after LeBron and you haven’t put in a phone call to him (William Wesley) you’re probably going to have little chance of getting him.” – Rick Pitino, Louisville coach, on Wesley

“All you have to do is visit the big cities in China – Beijing, Shanghai – and Kobe is clearly bigger than LeBron. I would say he’s at least two times bigger. And the reason for that is that the Chinese really do respect a champion.” – Darren Rovell, CNBC sports business reporter

“I’ll be honest with you, and my folks in Chicago may be mad at me for saying this, but I think it would be a wonderful story if LeBron says, ‘You know what, I’m going to stay here in Cleveland.’” – President Obama (to Larry King) 

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