New Orleans Saints Top ESPN The Magazine’s 2010 Ultimate Standings


New Orleans Saints Top ESPN The Magazine’s 2010 Ultimate Standings

2010 -- ESPN The Magazine -- The Ultimate StandingsWhen it comes to paying fans back for their investment of time, money and passion, the New Orleans Saints are No. 1 out of all major league sports franchises, according to this year’s ESPN The Magazine Ultimate Standings; Los Angeles Clippers are ranked last for the second year in a row. The Ultimate Standings, driven by research and fan feedback, looks at MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL franchises’ affordability, bang for the buck, coaching, fan relations, ownership, players, stadium experience and title track to establish a ranking of all 122. With its commitment to community and championship play, the New Orleans Saints, this year’s winner and cover subject, know how to reward fans. Saints-nation made it known they feel a strong connection to their team and appreciate everything it offered the New Orleans community in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. While the Saints lead the pack for the NFL in the Ultimate Standings issue, on newsstands Friday, July 2, the Orlando Magic lead for NBA franchises with No. 2 overall, the Los Angeles Angels lead for MLB at No. 3 overall and the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL at No. 5 overall.

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Top 10 Overall Franchises Bottom 10 Overall Franchises
1. New Orleans Saints 113. Toronto Raptors
2. Orlando Magic 114. St. Louis Rams
3. Los Angeles Angels 115. Oakland Raiders
4. Indianapolis Colts 116. Minnesota Timberwolves
5. Pittsburgh Penguins 117. Philadelphia 76ers
6. Tampa Bay Rays 118. New Jersey Nets
7. San Antonio Spurs 119. New York Knicks
8. Detroit Red Wings 120. Washington Wizards
9. Green Bay Packers 121. Toronto Maple Leafs
10. Cleveland Cavaliers 122. Los Angeles Clippers


Affordability – Price of tickets, parking and concessions

  • #1: Los Angeles Angels
  • #122: Toronto Maple Leafs

Bang for the buck – Wins over the past two seasons per dollar contributed directed by fans

  • #1: Orlando Magic
  • #122: Toronto Maple Leafs

Coaching – Strength of on-field leadership

  •  #1: Los Angeles Angles
  • #122: Philadelphia 76ers

Fan Relations – Players, coaches and management openness and consideration toward fans

  • #1: Pittsburgh Penguins
  • #122: Washington Wizards

Ownership – Honesty; loyalty to core players and local community

  • #1: Detroit Red Wings
  • #122: Los Angeles Clippers

Players – Effort on the field; likability off it

  • #1: Philadelphia Phillies
  • #122: Los Angeles Clippers

Stadium Experience – Quality of arena and game-day promotions; fan-friendliness of environment

  • #1: Minnesota Twins
  • #122: New York Islanders

Title Track – Championships already won or expected within lifetime of current fans

  • #1: Philadelphia Phillies
  • #122: Minnesota Timberwolves

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