ESPN The Magazine Dives Deep into the NFL: Ray Lewis on the Cover


ESPN The Magazine Dives Deep into the NFL: Ray Lewis on the Cover

ESPN The Magazine Dives Deep into the NFL: Ray Lewis on the Cover

Mag_Lewis_webWith the Baltimore Ravens chosen as a favorite to win this year’s Super Bowl, linebacker Ray Lewis is ready to break out and claim the championship title everyone else is vying for. In the meantime, Lewis is featured in ESPN The Magazine’s photo-act “Faces Of The Game”—a photographic tribute to the stars, suits and surprises who make the NFL what it is today.  Photos

AND…Five Days In The Life Of An NFL Coach” shines the light on Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini, who allowed ESPN The Magazine writer Seth Wickersham to have unfiltered access to his routine for a few days. Wickersham reveals the hard-working coach who is trying to improve his team—and himself. Also in The Mag’s NFL Preview issue, writer Alan Grant gives an in-depth breakdown of one of the most complex and lethal plays in football: the screen pass.

PLUS… ESPN The Magazine’s latest “NFL Confidential” survey is out:

Who will win the Super Bowl? 29.6% foresee a repeat of last year with the Saints coming out on top.

If you could be a superstar in another sport, what would it be? At 32.3%, baseball is the most popular answer, with basketball coming in at a close second with 29.2% of the votes.

How many concussions have you had? What percentage have you kept to yourself? 54.1% of the players who took the survey have gotten concussions and of those, most went unreported (58.2%).
What is home field advantage worth? 71.4% of players overwhelmingly agree the edge is a field goal.


NFL Deep-Dive: 

The Analytically Correct Guide to Football
Dear NFL coaches, Need an edge? Our numbers show how to call plays even better. By Peter Keating 

The Running Back Glossary
Hat level! Crossover step! To walk the walk, you gotta learn to talk the talk. By Mike Tanier 

Texas Two-Step
Football Outsiders simulates 10,000 seasons to preview all 32 NFL teams. 

“You Are Going to Get Worse Before You Get Better”
Chuck Noll and Mean Joe Green steeled buckling Pittsburgh. By Chad Millman and Shawn Coyne. 

Tackle Tony Washington’s fall from promising prospect to undrafted outcast. By Allison Glock 

Scale of 1 to 10
Players rate a tristate Super Bowl.


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