Baseball Tonight’s Bobby Valentine Reflects on 2010 Season


Baseball Tonight’s Bobby Valentine Reflects on 2010 Season

ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst Bobby Valentine shares his perspective on the 2010 Major League Baseball season by naming his breakout players, manager of the year, MVPs for each division, and the two teams which turned in the most impressive regular-season performances.

Breakout players

Jose Bautista, Toronto – “He broke out this season, tearing the cover off the ball, hitting 50-plus home runs.  He has set a new standard for AL power hitters.”

Joey Votto, Cincinnati – “He has had good years before, but he’s playing more consistently now.  He’ll soon be more of a household name.”

David Price, Tampa Bay – “People have been waiting for him to emerge as a star starting pitcher and he has this season.”

Manager of the year

Dusty Baker, Cincinnati – “No one expected Cincinnati to achieve what they have this season.  He is in the last year of his contract and some people didn’t think he was going to be back. He had no proven star player other than Scott Rolen.  He helped guide the team past St. Louis, putting them in the rear-view mirror and never looking back.”

Bruce Bochy, San Francisco (honorable mention) – “He took a struggling offensive team, mixed and matched his lineup, and kept the starting rotation healthy.  His moves have kept them in contention all season.”

Divisional MVPs

Martin Prado, Atlanta (NL East) – “He has been a steady influence and a consistent performer for the Braves this season.”

Votto (NL Central) – “His numbers (.323 batting average, 35 home runs and 106 RBI) speak for themselves.”

Adrian Gonzalez, San Diego (NL West) – “San Diego would be nowhere without him.”

Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay (AL East) – “He moved to the third spot in the lineup and kept a very good team in contention the entire season.”

Miguel Cabrera, Detroit (AL Central) – “There’s no denying his numbers and consistency.  He’s probably the best hitter in the AL.”

Josh Hamilton, Texas (AL West) – “Even though he missed a month, he helped get the Rangers the lead they needed and kept them in first.”

Most impressive team accomplishments

Cincinnati – “Playing in a division with $100 million payrolls and with St. Louis’ star pitching and Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday, they’ve been able to win the division easily.”

Philadelphia – “Despite an incredible number of injuries this year and the departure of Cliff Lee prior to the season, they stayed in it and seem to have now put the division in their back pocket once again.”


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