Spotlight: David Pollack

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Spotlight: David Pollack

College Football Spotlight: David Pollack

An All-American at Georgia, David Pollack is the newest contributor to ESPN’s College GameDay Built by The Home Depot and half of Palmer & Pollack, ESPNU’s newest college football show. ESPN sat down with David for a few off-the-field questions.

Who has taught you the most about being on TV?
Actually, television has taught me the most. I watch TV and see what I like and what I don’t like. It’s not one person; it’s every person on TV. Then you have to take that and see what fits you and what doesn’t.

If you had never played football, what would you be doing now
I studied history in college – I love history – and if I had never played pro I would have taken the teaching and coaching route. Football is in my blood… it’s in my family’s blood. If I hadn’t been able to make a career out of playing it, football would still be my passion.

If you asked any NFL player which part of their life they could go back and do again, they would all say high school. I would have liked to be a part of other players’ lives during that time.

What campus are you most excited to visit with College GameDay this year?
Tallahassee for the Oklahoma at Florida State game. It’s one of those games you look at in the off-season and think, ‘man, that’s going to be huge’. Both teams have a chance to be national contenders. I would love to see the tomahawks chopping and see that stadium rocking again. Growing up, Florida State was a powerhouse and I always saw their fans and thought they had the same passion I did.

What’s one thing fans don’t know about you, that you wish they did?
I’m an open book, so that’s tough for me to answer. Some fans may not know what a health freak I am. During the off-season it’s family first, and then exercise becomes my second hobby.  I can spend anywhere from 2-4 hours a day swimming, cycling, playing racquetball or tennis. I’ve lost 60-pounds since I retired from the NFL and I haven’t touched a hamburger or hotdog in eight years!

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