ESPN Deportes to Offer Multimedia Coverage of the XVI Pan American Games

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ESPN Deportes to Offer Multimedia Coverage of the XVI Pan American Games

Between 90-120 hours of exclusive live coverage; More than 90 ESPN Deportes team members in Guadalajara; ESPN2 to offer additional 20 hours of English-language coverage; ESPN Deportes coverage also available on ESPN3

ESPN Deportes will provide unmatched, daily coverage of the 16th edition of the Pan American Games live from Guadalajara, Mexico Friday, October 14 – Sunday, October 30. Coverage of the Games will be featured on ESPN Deportes, ESPN3, ESPN Deportes Radio, and ESPN Deportes La Revista. In addition, ESPN2 will provide additional coverage in English.

With the monumental Guadalajara Cathedral as the backdrop for the games, ESPN Deportes will bring 18 months of preparation to life with 90-120 hours of exclusive and dynamic coverage. The network will broadcast a minimum of three hours of live coverage featuring the top events each day. In addition, ESPN Deportes’ top news and information shows will offer daily, up-to-the-minute news and analysis of the competitions.

“Considered the ‘Olympics of the Americas,’ ESPN Deportes is fulfilling the needs of the U.S. Hispanic market by broadcasting this first-class sporting event in such a radically innovative fashion that fans will feel compelled to tune in,” said Lino Garcia, general manager of ESPN Deportes. “We are very excited to bring back The Pan American Games to our viewers this year.”

Highlights include:

  • 90-120 hours of exclusive LIVE coverage on ESPN Deportes and ESPN3
  • 20 hours of English-language coverage on ESPN2
  • Pan American Games content across seven ESPN platforms: ESPN Deportes, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN Deportes Radio,, and ESPN Deportes La Revista.
  • Comprehensive coverage on ESPN Deportes’ SportsCenter, Nacion ESPN, Juego Cruzado and Los Capitanes.
  • Special edition of Juego Cruzado hosted by Andres Agulla Live from the Guadalajara, in the heart of the festivities, prior to the Opening Ceremony of the 2011 Pan American Games.
  • For the first time, ESPN Deportes’ coverage will be produced fully on-site with a team of more than 90, including reporters, commentators, producers and staff.
  • A state-of-the-art ESPN set will be in the Cathedral’s square.
  • Four Camera crews will be reporting from the different venues simultaneously.
  • Renowned Mexican sports expert Jose Ramon Fernandez alongside Andres Agulla and Mauricio Pedroza will serve as hosts of the network’s coverage.
  • In addition, the voice of more than 15 experts in every sports category will serve as the play-by-play commentary, including Fernando Palomo, Ernesto Jerez, Alex Pombo, Goga Ruiz, Carolina Guillen, Jose Noriega, Fernando Schwartz, among others.
  • will feature a microsite dedicated to covering the games. will include the latest news and information surrounding the competitions, athletes, and each country with exclusive content, video highlights, live chats with the experts on site, and live scores.
  • ESPN Deportes Radio will provide daily updates across different shows and ESPN La Revista will present special features and exclusive interviews with the athletes.

The 2011 Pan American Games will feature 42 countries, 5,900 athletes and 46 competitions, all throughout the state of Jalisco in cities such as Lagos de Moreno, Tlaquepaque, Ciudad Guzmán, Zapopan, Ajijic and Puerto Vallarta

ESPN Deportes coverage will feature a wide range of competitions including soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, boxing swimming, and track & field, among others, in addition to a variety of events taking place in the different participating cities.

ESPN Deportes’ well-known personalities such as Andres Agulla, Jose Ramon Fernandez and Mauricio Pedroza will engage viewers integrating social media throughout the entire 2011 Pan American Games with live Tweets including pictures, videos, stats and interviews with top athletes.


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