2014 FIFA World Cup a Big Success for ESPN Audio’s Digital Coverage

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2014 FIFA World Cup a Big Success for ESPN Audio’s Digital Coverage

USA – Germany:  Biggest Audience in ESPN Audio Digital History

The month-long 2014 FIFA World Cup from Brazil was a big success for ESPN Audio’s digital streaming coverage of all 64 games – averaging 23,503 listeners every quarter hour – with the USA vs. Germany game on June 26 setting an ESPN Audio record of 147,880 listeners on average, according to Ando Media.

As with ESPN’s television and other digital services, the event captured the attention of millions of fans and set various usage records for ESPN Audio’s streaming offering, drawing much larger than usual audiences during both weekday and weekend time slots.  Among the highlights:

  • The single-game high – Germany’s 1-0 defeat of the United States during the opening round robin – drew more listeners per quarter hour than any ESPN Audio offering in history, an average of 147,880 listeners.  Adding the listenership from ESPN Radio’s owned-and-operated stations, the game attracted an average of 172,790 listeners.
  • The biggest audience for a weekend game was for the Championship – Germany’s 1-0 extra time victory over Argentina on Sunday, July 13.
  • The Monday-Friday matches averaged 31,274 listeners per quarter hour.


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