ESPN Digital Media Reaches 81 Million Fans in June, Shatters Multiple Sports Category Records

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ESPN Digital Media Reaches 81 Million Fans in June, Shatters Multiple Sports Category Records

81 million total unique visitors tops previous category high by 8 million; Other all-time records set in June include: 59 million unique users on mobile, 15 million unique devices streamed on WatchESPN, and 473 million digital video clip viewed.

Coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, NBA Finals, NBA Draft, U.S. Open, Wimbledon, and MLB’s regular season propelled ESPN to a record-setting June in the digital sports category. ESPN reached 80.7 million unique users across computers, smartphones and tablets, the largest total for a single month in category history, and an increase of 56 percent from a year ago.

58.7 million unique users accessed ESPN content on mobile devices, setting a category record for mobile reach in June, and marking the fourth consecutive month that ESPN has established a new category high on that platform.

In addition, fans spent 7.4 billion minutes using ESPN digital properties, a category record for the month of June and up 62 percent from a year ago. ESPN accounted for 35.2 percent of all sports category usage on digital platforms, more than the Nos. 2, 3, 4 and 5 properties combined (Yahoo! Sports-NBC Sports Network had 10.5 percent, MLB 8.5 percent, Bleacher Report-Turner Sports Network 8.3 percent, and Sporting News/Perform Sports 7.2 percent.)

More results from the June comScore Multi-Platform report:

  • June was the 10th consecutive month in which more unique people visited ESPN on smartphones and tablets than on desktop and laptop computers (37.2 million uniques, 3.2 billion minutes of usage.)  73 percent of ESPN’s total users accessed content on mobile devices, which generated 4.2 billion minutes of usage, a sports category record.
  • June was the third straight month in which more than half of ESPN’s unique digital users (54 percent, 43.6 million people) exclusively accessed ESPN content on smartphones and tablets. 57 percent of all time spent with ESPN digital content was consumed by mobile device users.
  • The 92.0 minutes per user spent with ESPN digital properties during June was more than any of the top 100 sports category entities.
  • In the average minute throughout June, 171,788 people used ESPN digital properties on computers, smartphones and tablets. Among males 18 to 49, ESPN was the eighth most-used digital property in the U.S. during the month.

comScore Multi-Platform Sports June 2014

Additional results from ESPN Research & Analytics:

  • 14.7 million unique devices streamed WatchESPN and ESPN3 content in June, setting a new monthly record and nearly doubling the previous high (June 2010, 7.8 million unique devices).  Viewers spent 2.8 billion million minutes with WatchESPN and ESPN3 programming across all platforms, also establishing a new high (June 2012, 1.1 billion minutes) and up 254 percent from June 2013.1
  • Fans watched 472.7 million ESPN digital video clips in June, an all-time high and up 65 percent from a year ago.  80.9 million video clip starts came from mobile phones, also a record, and up 123 percent from a year ago.  68 percent of all clips were viewed on computers, 25 percent on phones and tablets, and 7 percent on connected TVs.1

ESPN networks and ABC sports television content generated 75 million tweets in June, accounting for more than two-thirds of all TV-related activity during the month. ESPN itself was the most-social TV network (broadcast or cable) in June, with 4.7 million unique authors sending 37 million tweets about ESPN programming.2  Other key social media metrics:

  • ESPN’s Twitter accounts were retweeted or favorited 14.1 million times, up 31 percent from May.3
  • 10.7 million people engaged with the ESPN Facebook page (liked a post, shared a story, left a comment) up 57 percent from the month prior, and 8.3 million also engaged with the SportsCenter page (+25 percent).4
  • There were 20.3 million views of ESPN video on Twitter in June, a new record.3


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