Enterprise Journalism Release – August 21, 2014

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Enterprise Journalism Release – August 21, 2014

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Victims of Inaction
Outside the Lines (Sunday, 9 a.m. ET, ESPN)

Rally Against Sexual Violence
Two years before he sexually assaulted his former tutor in June 2010, former University of Missouri running back Derrick Washington was accused of raping a fellow student in her dorm room. Federal law mandated university officials to conduct their own investigation of the 2008 rape allegation, but no such investigation was ever opened, an Outside the Lines investigation has revealed.

This new information is part of reporter Paula Lavigne and producer Nicole Noren’s investigation that posts today on ESPN.com and airs Sunday at 9 a.m. ET on ESPN’s Outside the Lines. espnW.com will post a Kate Fagan espnW column on colleges handling of sexual assaults.

For the attack on the tutor, Washington was kicked off the team and spent four months in jail after being convicted by a jury of a felony. But little did the victim know that two and half years later she would learn that Washington had been named in a previous alleged rape case, one in which the prosecutor agreed to not charge him if he would take a rape-awareness class.

In a cross-platform Title IX special collaboration with ESPN.com and espnW, Outside the Lines presents new reports, chronicling several alleged assaults on the nation’s college campuses. See ESPNFrontRow.com for details of the investigation.

“I just screamed and yelled and said, ‘This is what happened to me. He’s a football player. Why did this happen? How is this happening?’ I was in shock. I was in absolute shock.  And I thought no one would — no one would — believe me.” — Teresa Braeckel, recounting the phone call she made to her father after being sexually assaulted by Washington

“It’s so awful, they knew what he did. They knew what he did to me and they did nothing, and then they allowed him to do it to another girl.” — “Jess,” former Missouri student, who accused Washington of raping her in 2008

“All of us should have been the last one…The school’s so worried about protecting themselves. What about the victims? When you experience something like what I have, and what these other women have, I mean, you really have an understanding of what the system really is like and it’s as dirty as everyone says.” — Teresa Braeckel, on how Missouri officials handled reports of violence by Washington

“Regardless of the potential impact on business, regardless of the potential impact on a particular game or a particular season, it is important that we investigate and that we get to the bottom of a set of facts to find out when someone was harmed and what we need to do to redress that harm. We absolutely cannot privilege anything else above that.” — Catherine Lhamon, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, on the responsibility college coaches have when there’s a report of sexual violence involving an athlete



LeSean McCoy and Chip Kelly
ESPN The Magazine (NFL Preview issue, on newsstands Friday)

30 Yards And A Cloud Of Dust


Why Mo’ne Matters

Melissa Isaacson reports.



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SportsCenter (Sunday, Aug. 24, 10 a.m., ESPN)
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