FiveThirtyEight Launches Podcast on the Sports Stars Who Were “Ahead of Their Time”

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FiveThirtyEight Launches Podcast on the Sports Stars Who Were “Ahead of Their Time”

Today FiveThirtyEight is launching the first episode of “Ahead of Their Time,” a new limited mini-series of sports audio documentaries about the athletes and coaches who weren’t appreciated in their era, but who, when examined through the lens of modern analytics, can be better appreciated. Hosted by senior sportswriter Neil Paine, the series will introduce a new episode every Thursday for the next five weeks and will be available on FiveThirtyEight’s “Hot Takedown” feed.

Titled “The Shift: Conquering Ted Williams,” the inaugural episode depicts how the return of the defensive shift in baseball, which stumped Hall of Famer Ted Williams, was the result of an analytics revolution. Its return, after a 70-year hiatus, set off a war at the heart of America’s national pastime.

Future episodes include:

From Russia (to Winnipeg) with Love (Oct. 20): The story of Mike “Russian Studies PHD” Smith, the NHL’s Russian revolution and how one team in rural Canada changed North American hockey forever.

English Soccer’s Snake Oil Salesman (Oct. 27): How one man pioneered analytics in soccer, invented the long ball style and helped ruin the English national team for a generation.

Lending a Hand (Nov. 3): The story of Peaches Bartkowicz and Chris Evert, the two women who pioneered the two-handed backhand in tennis, but whose careers went in very different directions.

The Cunningham Conundrum (Nov. 10): This is the story of an NFL player with unlimited potential who never found his true element, and what modern analytics tells us about Randall Cunningham’s underappreciated brilliance.

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