ESPN’s Statement on Boston Globe Story


ESPN’s Statement on Boston Globe Story

“We work hard to maintain a respectful and inclusive culture at ESPN. It is always a work in progress, but we’re proud of the significant progress we’ve made in developing and placing women in key roles at the company in the board room, in leadership positions throughout ESPN and on air.” -Katina Arnold, ESPN Spokeswoman

Statement on Adrienne Lawrence:

“We conducted a thorough investigation and found these claims to be entirely without merit. Lawrence was hired into a two-year talent development program and was told that her contract would not be renewed at the conclusion of the training program.  At that same time, ESPN also told 100 other talent with substantially more experience, that their contracts would not be renewed. The company will vigorously defend its position and we are confident we will prevail in court.” -Katina Arnold, ESPN Spokeswoman

Additionally, if you consider the attached portions of text messages exchanged between Ms. Lawrence (in blue) and Mr. Buccigross, it’s clear that they had a consensual, personal friendship that spanned months.

Text Messages