ESPN Introduces Global Fantasy Soccer Game

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ESPN Introduces Global Fantasy Soccer Game

  • Beta version available now in 3 languages, across 13 global editions of
  • ESPN’s first multi-lingual, multi-regional Fantasy game
  • Will include Champions League, EPL, La Liga, and Liga MX at launch; more in 2019
  • Head-to-head format with points earned based on actual player performances
  • Extensive fantasy soccer content, tools and up-to-the-minute reports and analysis

ESPN has launched ESPN Fantasy Soccer in beta, a global fantasy soccer game available now on smartphone, tablet and computer in three languages across 13 global editions of Designed to create a fun and unique fantasy experience for both hardcore and casual soccer fans, ESPN Fantasy Soccer introduces fresh concepts and innovative gameplay that are new to fantasy soccer games.

Presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese, ESPN Fantasy Soccer has head-to-head gameplay and supports multiple professional leagues in a year-round format that makes it easy for anyone to select a roster of top international players and compete with friends, family and other soccer fans around the world.

At launch, ESPN Fantasy Soccer includes Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga and Liga MX, with others to follow next year. Fans can sign up and begin playing at any time during a soccer league’s season and can create private Fantasy Soccer leagues to play against friends or join a public league to compete with other fans. Like all ESPN Fantasy games, ESPN Fantasy Soccer is free to play and accompanied by comprehensive news, analysis and tools.

“Soccer is a truly global game with impassioned fans who follow top professional leagues year around, so we created a fantasy soccer game that will serve those fans all over the world,” Jarrod Schwarz, Vice President, Product, Disney Direct-To-Consumer & International. “ESPN Fantasy has built the most popular fantasy games in the industry – including ESPN Fantasy Football, Tournament Challenge, Streak and others – but for international soccer, we couldn’t simply replicate existing games. We had to innovate and introduce new features and gameplay to properly fit the unique nature of a global sport, and we’ll continue to build and improve the game in the coming months.”

New features unique to ESPN Fantasy Soccer include:

Head-to-Head Gameplay – Unlike standard leaderboard formats common among most fantasy soccer games, ESPN Fantasy Soccer allows fans to compete head-to-head versus family, friends and other fans, creating a more social, competitive and consistently exciting game.

Game Entry Any Time – A perpetual sign-up window allows users to play a “rest of season” league, starting from any point in a soccer league’s season at any time of the year.

Player Tiers – Fans select players each week of the season from a designated series of tiers, with no salary cap or draft restrictions.

Unlimited Transfers – Fans can change their teams every week based on the player tiers, allowing them to make as many transfers as they like throughout the season.

Fantasy Soccer Content and Decision-Making Tools – ESPN Fantasy Soccer provides unprecedented levels of content and in-game data to help fans make informed picks each week. These include proprietary fantasy score projections developed by ESPN’s Stats and Information Group, weekly player outlooks and injury reports, up-to-the-minute information on which players are likely to start each match, and extensive news and analysis specifically tailored to ESPN Fantasy Soccer.

U.S. version of ESPN Fantasy Soccer in beta:

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