X Games 2022 Day Five News and Results

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X Games 2022 Day Five News and Results

The final day of X Games 2022 competition wrapped up in Southern California with live coverage of Women’s Skateboard Street, Real Street Best Trick and Men’s Skateboard Park at the California Training Facility (CATF).

Starting off the day in Women’s Skateboard Street, Japan’s Momiji Nishiya upgraded her X Games Minneapolis 2019 silver medal to gold on Sunday – earning her second Skateboard Street medal in three X Games appearances. Nishiya secured the win with her first run, landing a bigspin frontside boardslide, Suski grind on the ledge, backside disaster on quarterpipe, frontside feeble grind on the eight-stair handrail, heelflip, Smith grind on quarterpipe, frontside 5-0 to front-shuv it, frontside salad grind on the five-stair handrail. Australian Chloe Covell took home silver in only her second X Games appearance and as the youngest competitor at this year’s competition at just 12 years old. Yumeka Oda won her first-ever X Games medal, taking bronze back to Japan, respectively.

Twelve years ago, X Games introduced the first-ever video competition with Real Street. This year, X Games 2022 changed the game again by producing a live Real Street Best Trick competition. In lieu of the historical 60-second video part, this year’s Real Street Best Trick contest was an all-out, 30-minute jam session that took place at an undisclosed legendary street skate spot in Southern California. Fresh off a bronze medal performance in Skateboard Street on Saturday night, Yuto Horigome earned his third X Games gold with the Real Street Best Trick win. Horigome added his fifth X Games medal to his collection, landing a nollie 270 noseslide. U.S. skater and now five-time X Games medalist Jamie Foy took silver with a fakie flip switch frontside boardslide. Rounding out the podium was Matt Berger, who earned his first-ever X Games medal with a frontside bluntslide kickflip to fakie.

Kieran Woolley closed out X Games 2022 with his gold medal performance in Men’s Skateboard Park on his third run. The eighteen-year-old Aussie only made his X Games debut this past April at X Games Chiba, and won his second medal with a run consisting of a varial kickflip gap to extension, frontside nosegrind off the extension into bowl, boneless, 5-0 grind off extension, big backside 540 nosegrab, kickflip Indy, alley-oop lipslide up extension, Miller flip. Gavin Bottger, who debuted at X Games 2021 at just fourteen years old won silver on Sunday, while Brazilian skater Luiz Francisco took home his first X Games medal, earning bronze.

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Women’s Skateboard Street

  1. Momiji Nishiya (JPN)
  2. Chloe Covell (AUS)
  3. Yumeka Oda (JPN)
  4. Rayssa Leal (BRA)
  5. Funa Nakayama (JPN)
  6. Aori Nishimura (JPN)
  7. Poe Pinson (USA)
  8. Leticia Bufoni (BRA)
  9. Pamela Rosa (BRA)


Gold – Momiji Nishiya (JPN)

Silver – Chloe Covell (AUS)

Bronze – Yumeka Oda (JPN)


Real Street Best Trick

  1. Yuto Horigome (JPN)
  2. Jamie Foy (USA)
  3. Matt Berger (CAN)

Gold – Yuto Horigome (JPN)

Silver – Jamie Foy (USA)

Bronze – Matt Berger (CAN)


Men’s Skateboard Park

  1. Kieran Woolley (AUS)
  2. Gavin Bottger (USA)
  3. Luiz Francisco (BRA)
  4. Keegan Palmer (AUS)
  5. Jagger Eaton (USA)
  6. Tate Carew (USA)
  7. Alex Sorgente (USA)
  8. Liam Pace (USA)
  9. Tristan Rennie (USA)

Gold – Kieran Woolley (AUS)

Silver – Gavin Bottger (USA)

Bronze – Luiz Francisco (BRA)

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