X Games Day Two

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X Games Day Two

Day two of X Games moved to Axell Hodges’ 40-acre compound, the Slayground. The compound was host to five Moto X disciplines and for the first time, BMX Dirt.

Opening the day at Slayground, Aussie Rob Adelberg took the first gold medal in Monster Energy Moto X Freestyle. Adelberg’s run included a nod to Freestyle legend Mike Metzger, who 20 years ago this summer made history with back-to-back backflips, by landing back-to-back frontflips. Never been done in a contest, the second frontflip was over the 120-foot jump. This marks Adelberg’s 14th X Games medal. X Games 2021 Freestyle gold medalist Luc Ackermann took silver and Josh Sheehan bronze.

After taking bronze in his X Games debut in Chiba this April, Julien Vanstippen stepped it up to gold in the Moto X Best Whip contest. This marks his second medal in two appearances at X Games. Slayground host Axell Hodges took silver and Tom Parsons, who has taken gold in the last two X Games Best Whip competitions, finished in third place.

The only non-Moto X event taking place at Slayground, BMX Dirt, saw Poland’s Dawid Godziek earn his second X Games gold medal. Last winning the event at X Games Sydney 2018, Godziek showed his pro mountain biking skills on this trials rider-favoring course. Dawid Godziek jumped into the gold medal position in his third run, which included a Barspin on the drop-in, backflip barspin, double downside tailwhip, tuck no-handed frontflip, barspin cash roll, 720 frontflip no-hander.Taking home his second medal of the event, Jaie Toohey’s fourth run was enough to earn him bronze ahead of fellow Aussie and perennial gold medal-threat Logan Martin.

A mini Moto playground with lots of dirt hits and hip jumps, Moto X 110s is all about having fun. Last year’s gold medalist Axell Hodges once again took the gold. New for 2022, silver and bronze were awarded, with Banks Hovey taking silver and Tim Ritson third.

Earning his second gold medal of the day, Rob Adelberg locked in first place in Moto X Best Trick with his first trick – a frontflip no-footer on the 120-foot ramp. Adelberg successfully defended his X Games 2021 Best Trick gold. Sheehan and Ackermann also earned their second medals of the day with silver and bronze, respectively.

Moto X QuarterPipe High Air closed out the day, renewing the rivalry between Colby Raha and Axell Hodges. Raha won X Games 2021 by going 40-feet, 9-inches – a record height. However, this year Hodges set the bar high taking the lead right out of the gate with a new record height, which he eventually pushed all the way to 48 feet. But Raha saved his best for last, pushing his air up to a staggering 49 feet and taking the gold. Hodges took silver, his third medal of the day, and rookie Guillem Navas took bronze.

X Games action continues live from the California Training Facility this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Monster Energy Moto X Freestyle

1. Rob Adelberg (AUS), 93.33

2. Luc Ackermann (GER), 91.00

3. Josh Sheehan (AUS), 88.33

4. Taka Higashino (JPN), 87.33

5. Jackson Strong (AUS), 85.66

6. Benny Richards (AUS), 83.00

7. Julien Vanstippen (BEL), 81.00

8. Harry Bink (AUS), 74.66


Gold – Rob Adelberg

Silver – Luc Ackermann

Bronze – Josh Sheehan


Moto X Best Whip

1. Julien Vanstippen (BEL)

2. Axell Hodges (USA)

3. Tom Parsons (USA)

4. Genki Watanabe (JPN)

5. Jarryd McNeil (AUS)

6. Corey Creed (AUS)

7. Josh Sheehan (AUS)

8. Christian Dresser (USA)

Gold – Julien Vanstippen

Silver – Axell Hodges

Bronze – Tom Parsons


BMX Dirt

1. Dawid Godziek (POL)

2. Jaie Toohey (AUS)

3. Logan Martin (AUS)

4. Mike Varga (CAN)

5. Pat Casey (USA)

6. Daniel Sandoval (USA)

7. Bryce Tryon (USA)

8. Gabriel Chaves (ARG)

9. Ben Wallace (GBR)

10. Andy Buckworth (AUS)


Gold – Dawid Godziek

Silver – Jaie Toohey

Bronze – Logan Martin


Moto X 110s

1. Axell Hodges (USA)

2. Bank Hovey (USA)

3. Tim Ritson (USA)

4. Pat Casey (USA)

5. Jarryd McNeil (AUS)

6. Mark Brown (USA)

7. Daisuke Suzuki (JPN)


Gold – Axell Hodges (USA)

Silver – Banks Hovey (USA)

Bronze – Tim Ritson (USA)


Moto X Best Trick 

1. Rob Adelberg (AUS), 94.33

2. Josh Sheehan (AUS), 89.00

3. Luc Ackermann (GER), 87.00

4. Taka Higashino (JPN), 85.33

5. Julien Vanstippen (BEL), 83.66


Gold – Rob Adelberg

Silver – Josh Sheehan

Bronze – Luc Ackermann


Moto X QuarterPipe High Air 

1. Colby Raha (USA), 49’

2. Axell Hodges (USA), 48’

3. Guillem Navas (ESP), 45’4”

4. Corey Creed (AUS), 44’

5. Kohl Denney (USA), 40’4”

6. Jarryd McNeil (AUS), 32’10”


Gold – Colby Raha

Silver – Axell Hodges

Bronze – Guillem Navas

Grace Coryell

Based out of the LAPC in Los Angeles, Calif., Grace Coryell is manager of communications focusing on X Games and West Coast PR. A native Angelino, Coryell attended the University of Southern California and began working at ESPN in 2008.
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