SEC Network Getting Fans Ready for College Football ‘S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Ys’ with St. Paul & the Broken Bones Collaboration

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SEC Network Getting Fans Ready for College Football ‘S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Ys’ with St. Paul & the Broken Bones Collaboration

Cueing up some Southern charm just in time for college football, SEC Network has teamed up with Birmingham-based octet St. Paul & the Broken Bones to use the cover of “Saturday Night” for a pair of new advertising spots.

The two spots, “Football” and “Fired Up,” in collaboration with creative, media and social agency McKinney, showcases the joy and pageantry college football brings to fans and stadiums every Saturday in the fall. It’s the music, food, tailgating, and that Southeastern Conference (SEC) culture. Oh, and of course, SEC Nation and Marty & McGee!

Featured in the ads are SEC Network on-air personalities Laura Rutledge, Tim Tebow, Marty Smith, Ryan McGee, Paul Finebaum, Jordan Rodgers and Roman Harper.

“College football matters every Saturday in the South,” said Lauren Taylor, Associate Director of Marketing. “In addition to each week having College Football Playoff implications, it’s an opportunity on the calendar for fans to soak up their favorite football rituals and traditions, and this campaign is our cohesive way of tying the love for this conference, the sport, the culture, and music together as we inch closer to SEC football Saturdays.”

Said Jonathan Cude, McKinney Chief Creative Officer: “This new work for ESPN and SEC Network is special to us because St. Paul and the Broken Bones not only have ties to Alabama — the home of the SEC, as well as member schools Alabama and Auburn, but vocalist Paul Janeway is actually named after Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant, the legendary Alabama football coach. It was great to work with such talented musicians who are fully aware and a part of the great tradition of college football in the South.”

McKinney has been a collaborator with ESPN’s college networks since SEC Network’s launch in 2014.

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