Diego Cora

Diego Cora


Diego Roberto Cora was born on September 25th, 1974, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 1994 he began studying Sports Journalism in DEPORTEA, a more than two decades old Journalism School directed by some of the most talented and renowned Argentinean Journalists.  In 1996, during the third year of his career, Cora started working on the field, and two years later he debuted as on-air talent on Radio 1420 AM with the show Esto es el fútbol.

In 2000 he was part of the broadcasting team for Quilmes Athletic Club’s games through Radio 103.9 FM. That same year he started working for the Communications Department of Disco SA, a company in which he stayed until 2007, while corresponding from Buenos Aires for the Noticias de La Costa newspaper, based on Viedma.

In 2007 he was sent to the United States as a Correspondent and soon entered Miami Teleproduction Group.

Over the years, and always expanding his knowledge and professional abilities, Cora participated in Gol a Gol de la Liga BBVA, a show produced by Baral Group and distributed to different TV stations in Uruguay and Argentina.

2008 came with new professional challenges. Cora joined ESPN Deportes Radio as talent for Controversia Deportiva, an all-sports weekend show, and also became Creative Producer for Jorge Ramos y Su Banda, a highly successful soccer weekly show.

In 2011 he traveled as a part of the ESPN Deportes Radio broadcasting team to Copa America, an event held in Argentina.

One year later, he started doing SportsCenter for Deportes Radio and Deportes TV during the daily show, Jorge Ramos & Su Banda.

Currently, he is part of the ESPN Deportes Radio team as he shares the microphone with Marcelo Masanti and Ricardo Mayorga on a daily show called Destino. As a part of his duties on the network he is part of the panel previewing the Liga MX games on Fridays, and very often does soccer games commentaries.

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