Renata Policicio

Renata Policicio

Vice President, International Fan and Media Intelligence, Global Markets

Renata Policicio is Vice President of ESPN International Fan and Media Intelligence, Global Markets. In this role, she is responsible for ESPN International’s research and insights group, leading teams in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific in the planning, coordination, analysis and promotion of research projects, as well as analytics interpretation for ESPN television and digital properties. Policicio provides ESPN senior management with strategic consumer-based qualitative and quantitative insights into local markets and territories, consumer behavior, television and online viewing habits, programming trends, program performance and scheduling. She and her group collaborate with various departments across the company in the production and understanding of actionable research insights.

Prior to joining ESPN in July 2015, Policicio was based in her hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she served as a senior research director at Turner International. She also previously held positions at Microsoft and Fischer America in Sao Paulo.

She is a member of audience audit committees in Latin America, including ABAP Redes (Brazil) and CIM Consejo de Investigación de Medios (Mexico), which is responsible for auditing TV audience measurement services in partnership with MRC (USA) and E&Y. She is a former member of the Brazil Media Group research committee and founding member of the Library Committee.Speaker, and has presented in many advertising and research events such as ESOMAR, ARF Congress, Gramado’s International Advertising Festival, ABA and ABAP Symposiums, Proxxima, Kid Power Brasil, among others.

Policicio graduated from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Marketing, and completed an MBA as well as a graduate degree in Neurosciences Applied to Consumers from the university.

She is currently based in New York City.


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