ESPN The Magazine‘s “One Day, One Game” Issue on Newsstands Friday

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ESPN The Magazine‘s “One Day, One Game” Issue on Newsstands Friday

For more on The Mag’s One Day, One Game issue, check out ESPN’s Front Row:

The latest issue of ESPN The Magazine – “One Day, One Game” – on newsstands Friday – captures a college football game day from 360˚. While most of fans’ attention is on the few hours of the game itself, this issue dedicates its focus to the intricacies of what goes into making these couple of hours worthy of our undivided attention. The issue documents the November 3 game between Alabama and LSU ten months after the national title game, which was more than a rematch – it was a battle for the ages.

When two coaches and two teams and two legions of fans all descended on Death Valley, the overflowing hopes and uncertainties soon became a deafening roar of desperation. Described as a test of wills that Nick Saban won and Les Miles still believes he can win, it was 1 minute, 34 seconds that made AJ McCarron a folk hero. It was college football. The tailgates and traditions, the screaming sorority girls and fired-up frat boys, the marching bands and mascots. On November 3, you would have sworn Baton Rouge trembled, while the rest of the world stood still.

Go to behind-the-scenes video and photos from Tiger Stadium and listen to The Mag’s Editor in Chief Chad Millman as he talks with writers Wright Thompson about his story on Les Miles’ obsession to win and Mark Winegardner about LSU and Alabama fans and extreme fandom gone wrong.

One Day, One Game Features:

You should have been there

In Death Valley, playing 60 minutes of football requires three days of prep, pep and partying.       By Steve Wulf

The obsession of Les Miles


If losing a big game leaves a scar, losing to Alabama creates a huge open wound. In his car, on his couch, at his office, on the field; for 14 days, the Tigers’ coach has thought about nothing but beating the Crimson Tide. By Wright Thompson 

Home and away


Louisiana is home to Eddie Lacy. But now he plays for Alabama, and he wants to break Bayou hearts. By Elizabeth Merrill

The last time they met

As the camera rolled, two men’s lives changed forever. Yet neither remembers a thing. By Mark Winegardner

1 minute, 34 seconds


The Tide’s QB AJ McCarron had been preparing for that game-winning touchdown drive since he was three years old. By David Fleming

Additional Highlights

  • The Numbers: The Mag’s Peter Keating shares details on why some NBA teams are greater than the sum of their parts and how statheads have finally solved one of the league’s great mysteries.
  • The Truth: Columnist Howard Bryant sheds light on the art of the grudge and how in an era when many rival players would rather be friends than foes, Kevin Garnett’s competitive fire still runs hot – and Ray Allen is now feeling the burn.
  • NFL: The Mag’s David Fleming discusses how the cut block is football’s dirtiest legal play.
  • Action: The Mag’s Alyssa Roenigk tells the story of how after surviving a horrific motorcycle crash BMX rider Kurt Yaeger has taken on a whole new role.
  • Photo Acts: The Mag features a day in pictures in “Let the good times roll” featuring some college football fans with flair.

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