Tournament Challenge on 21.9% of 8.15 Million Brackets Correctly Picked Louisville

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Tournament Challenge on 21.9% of 8.15 Million Brackets Correctly Picked Louisville

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0.06% of brackets predicted Louisville vs. Connecticut in ESPN Women’s Tournament Challenge

ESPN Men’s Tournament Challenge

Brackets in’s Men’s Tournament Challenge presented by Allstate, Acura and Taco Bell revealed that 21.9% of 8.15 million brackets picked Louisville to win the title.  Only 1.4% of brackets correctly predicted Louisville vs. Michigan to meet for the national championship.  The Cardinals were the most popular team picked to reach the final (39.7% of brackets) and to win, whereas the Wolverines were the 11th most popular pick with 4.9% predicting they would reach the championship game and 2.7% of brackets picking them to win it all.

All Men’s Tournament Challenge brackets that finished in the top 1% are entered in a random drawing for the $10,000 Best Buy Gift Card prize.  A full round-by-round breakdown of picks can be found under “Who Picked Whom” on, listing the percentage of participants who selected each team to win in each respective round.

The 8.15 million brackets in Men’s Tournament Challenge this year surpassed last year’s record of 6.45 million brackets by 26.3 percent.  At the peak period, fans registered 8,123 brackets per minute (135 brackets per second). Among them was President Barack Obama, who finished in the 74.4th percentile with a rank of 2,080,996 in the Men’s Tournament.

ESPN Women’s Tournament Challenge

Only 0.06% of brackets in’s Women’s Tournament Challenge chose a Louisville vs. Connecticut championship game.  An analysis of all women’s brackets reveals:

  • 10.4% of all brackets picked Connecticut to win the Championship, the third most popular pick
  • Just 0.13% predicted Louisville to win the title, the 20th most popular pick
  • Through the Final Four, President Obama’s women’s bracket currently sits in the 72.3rd percentile, however his championship match-up (Baylor vs. Notre Dame) and winner (Baylor) are out of the tournament

For a full round-by-round breakdown of picks, visit the Women’s “Who Picked Whom” page on  Entries that finish in the top 1% are entered in a random drawing for a $5,000 Best Buy Gift Card.

2013 NCAA College Basketball Tournament on and ESPN Mobile

Across digital platforms – including, ESPN mobile Web, ScoreCenter and Bracket Bound apps – ESPN saw an average minute audience of 128,510 people consuming college basketball content on one of its digital platforms at any given minute of the day on  Saturday and Monday (through the Final Four and Championship).  Specifically, average visits to the Tournament Challenge section on were up 6%, while daily unique visitors to the ScoreCenter and Bracket Bound apps were up 126% and 85%, respectively.



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