Fate of “Werner Ladder Bracket Challenge” Wager Runner-up: “The Mess”

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Fate of “Werner Ladder Bracket Challenge” Wager Runner-up: “The Mess”

ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike co-host Mike Greenberg will literally be a mess this Friday in Orlando, Fla. when he will make good on his bet in the annual “Mike & Mike Sheets of Integrity Challenge Presented by Werner Ladder.”

For losing the men’s college basketball tournament bracket wager to Mike Golic, “Greeny” will have to survive “Mike & Mike the Mess,” an obstacle course created at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Disneyworld.

Greenberg will attempt to navigate the course at 8:30 a.m. ET, with his efforts simulcast on ESPN2.

SportsCenter anchor John Anderson, host of ABC’s Wipeout, will provide narration of the endeavor while Golic adds analysis and a good measure of gloating.

The course will consist of messy challenges chosen by Mike & Mike listeners on ESPNRadio.com:

  • “Hello, Mudder” – Sliding 27-feet into a mud pit
  • “Close Encounters of the Cake Kind” – Diving head-first into a giant cake
  • “Family Breakfast Buffet” – Running through a human “breakfast buffet” of bacon   & eggs, pancakes & syrup, cereal & milk
  • “Any Given Sundae” – Tricycling through an ice cream gauntlet of whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and nuts lovingly thrown by his wife and children

Throughout, Greeny must retrieve a lettered flag (M-I-K-E) from the four obstacles, and complete the course by climbing and planting the flags atop the ‘finish” ladder where he will be covered by celebratory confetti.

“It’s a disgusting prospect,” Greenberg said. “It is the nightmare scenario — I can’t even imagine getting through the mud, let alone making it to the cake.”

Golic feel slightly differently: “To see a germaphobe have to run through this mess makes this the fifth happiest day of my life,” he said, citing only his wedding day and the birth of his three children ahead of Friday’s event.

“It is difficult to imagine coming up with crazier stunts each year, but the team at ESPN has by far outdone themselves once again,” said Chris Filardi, Vice President of Marketing for Werner Co. “It has been another great year working with these guys, and Werner thinks this is the perfect conclusion to a very exciting college basketball season!”

Drew Anderssen, Program Director, ESPN580 Orlando, said, “ESPN580 Orlando is thrilled that ‘The Mess’ is happening right here in our back yard and that we’ll be a big part of the event on ESPN Radio and ESPN2. It’s a great mix of the humor and competitive spirit that we bring to our fans every day as the local home of ESPN Radio, and our listeners can’t wait to see how big of a ‘Mess’ it will be!”

This marks the 10th year of the “Sheets of Integrity” with Golic now holding a 5-4 advantage. Past “losers” have had to milk a cow on-set (Greenberg) and endured a body waxing (Golic).

Mike & Mike’s “Sheets of Integrity” bracket wager results

Year                Winner            Loser & Pay-Off

2004                Greeny            Golic has eye brows waxed

2005                Golic                Greenberg dresses like a leprechaun live on-air

2006                Golic                Greenberg dresses like a leprechaun live  at Notre Dame

2007                Golic                Greenberg milks Sox the cow

2008                Greeny            Golic competitively eats

2009                Greeny            Golic gets waxed

2010                Greeny            Golic wears USC jersey at Notre Dame

2011                Golic                Greenberg dresses as Justin Bieber for entire show

2012                Golic                Greenberg “Dances with a Star”

2013                Golic                Greenberg does ‘Mike & Mike the Mess”




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