ESPN Deportes Exclusive Presentation of NBA Finals

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ESPN Deportes Exclusive Presentation of NBA Finals

Former Argentina National Team Point Guard Alejandro Montecchia and the former Mexican NBA player Eduardo Nájera join to provide coverage of The Finals

For the first time, ESPN Deportes will present exclusive Spanish-language coverage of The Finals starting June 6 at 9 p.m. E.T. with the commentary of Alvaro Martin, and the analysis of Coach Carlos Morales and special guest, former Argentina National Team Point Guard Alejandro Montecchia. Sebastian Christensen will serve as sideline reporter for all games while Claudia Trejos will anchor the coverage from the ESPN Deportes Miami studios alongside former Mexican collegiate and NBA player Eduardo Nájera.

The defending NBA Champion Miami Heat and Lebron James – considered the fifth most loved professional athlete among Hispanics – meet the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan for a series that promises great excitement for ESPN Deportes’ NBA fans.

ESPN Deportes Highlights

  • Live coverage of the seven games
  • Onsite commentary and analysis
  • Special reports from site for segments on SportsCenter and Los Capitanes. will also offer comprehensive coverage of the finals. Gonzalo Aguirregomezcorta, Jorge Morejón and Sebastian Martínez Christiansen will produce onsite content from both host cities with the latest in news and analysis of every game also with reports on television and ESPN Deportes Radio. Fans may follow Twitter conversations using the hashtag #nbaESPN. will also feature previews for each game, including:

  • Minuto a Minuto with everything that happens in each game
  • Post-game analysis featuring players and coaches
  • Special reports of each host city, including polls and photo galleries
  • ESPiaNdo– Exclusive Webisodes dedicated to The Finals featuring Coach Morales and Alvaro Martín.

NBA Finals Schedule (ET):

Date Time Game
Thursday, June 6 9 p.m. San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat (game#1)
Sunday, June 9 8 p.m. San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat (game#2)
Tuesday, June 11 9 p.m. Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs (game#3)
Thursday, June 13 9 p.m. Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs (game#4)
Sunday, June 16 8 p.m. Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs (game#5)
Tuesday, June 18 9 p.m. San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat (game#6)
Thursday, June 20 9 p.m. San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat (game#7)

About Álvaro Martín:

Álvaro Martín, the first ESPN talent in the history of the chain to serve as sports events presenter in two languages, is one of the most respected and versatile commentators. Ever since he joined the ESPN team, Martín has conducted transmissions in Spanish of the last 18 NBA Finals for ESPN and ABC.

About Carlos Morales:

Coach Morales is an NBA commentator for ESPN in Latin American and for ESPN Deportes in the U.S, His knowledge of professional basketball is backed by his extensive experience as technician; he has been a coach for more than 20 years at all levels of basketball, standing out as technician in the Puerto Rican, Dominican and Venezuelan leagues and as coach of the Puerto Rican national team.

About Alejandro Montecchia:

Alejandro Montecchia is a former Argentinean basketball player, who won the gold medal in Athens 2004 and the silver medal in Indianapolis 2002. Alejandro was tempted to form a part of the NBA with the San Antonio Spurs in 2007 but his contract with ABC League did not allow it.

About Eduardo Nájera:

Eduardo is one of the most recognized players in Hispanic basketball and was the second Mexican athlete to play in the NBA. Eduardo started his career as a collegiate basketball star at the University of Oklahoma from 1997 to 2000, turning into one of the main stars. He helped the team to four consecutive appearances at the NCAA tournaments during his college career. Over the course of 12 years with the NBA, he played for the Dallas Mavericks, the Golden State Warriors, the Denver Nuggets, the New Jersey Nets and the Charlotte Bobcats. After he retired in 2012, Eduardo serves as coach and shareholder of the Texas Legends.

About Claudia Trejos:

Claudia Trejos is one of the most recognized faces and one of the first women to be a sports presenter in the U.S., as well as the first female commentator for the NBA with more than 23 years of experience.


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