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Jungle Fight on ESPN Deportes

Live coverage of the Jungle Community Sao Paulo, featuring promising young MMA talent

Brazil’s Jungle Fight returns to ESPN Deportes with live coverage of Jungle Community Sao Paulo. The MMA competition gives local residents the opportunity be part of the sport while also serving as a platform to discover new MMA talent. The event will air live on ESPN Deportes this Saturday, August 9 at 8:00 p.m. EST.

The event will feature ten bouts by local MMA talent, highlighted by the face-off between Fabio Bondesan and Willian ‘Giant,’ who is defending his title after his victory over Caio Alencar last November.

Following the first two Jungle Community events in Rio de Janeiro and Manaus this year, this Sao Paulo edition will be in the format of seven fights aimed to discover new talent in MMA. The remaining three bouts will feature the defense of the title and the clashes of Brazilians Lucas Jesus and José Ricardo “Mouse” against Mexicans Fábian Quintanar and Gilberto Aguilar, respectively.

Wallid Ismail, former athlete and president of the Jungle Fight championship, announced that the organizers of the event are partnering with the Sports Secretary of Sao Paulo in an effort to provide bright futures for rising Brazilian fighters from the region’s underprivileged areas. Jungle Fight is the fastest growing MMA organization in Brazil, offering the most promising opportunities for aspiring mixed martial artists.

The 10 matchups are as follows (subject to change):

Willian “Giant” Baldutti (XGYM) vs. Fabio Bodesan (De La Riva Palhoça) – Heavyweight (up to 265 lbs)

Fabian Quintanar (México) vs. Lucas Jesus (Bronx’s Gold Team) – 155 lbs

Gilberto “El Azteca” Aguilar (Mexico) vs. José Ricardo “Mouse” (Veras Muay Thai) – 145 lbs

Danilo Adrian (Colisão Jiu Jitsu) vs. Caio “Formiga” (Power Lotus Team) – 125 lbs

Kaynan “Bahia” Sampaio Cardoso Kruschewsky (Team Nogueira Bauru) vs. Dioginis “Overeem” (Power Lotus Team) – 145 lbs

Otavio Sagas (Bronx’s Gold Team) vs. Quemuel Ottoni (Família Komodo) – 185 lbs

Israel Ottoni (Família Komodo) vs. Rony Silva (Peso Pesado Gold Team) – 145 lbs 

Jefferson “Jeffinho” Pedro (Chute Boxe Diego Lima/ Babuino Gold Team) vs. Diego Paiva (Miguel Repanas Team) – 125 lbs 

Leandro Rodrigues dos Santos (Ryan Gracie/ Polêmico) vs. Diogo Felipe dos Santos (Fight Fitness Team) – 135 lbs

Carlos Alberto “Carlão ” Silva (Chute Boxe Pirajú) vs. Douglas Candido Jordão (Ricardo Presas Team) – 170 lbs


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