Longhorn Network Notes & Quotes from National Signing Day

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Longhorn Network Notes & Quotes from National Signing Day

Longhorn Network, the ESPN television network devoted to the University of Texas, aired six hours of comprehensive National Signing Day coverage beginning at 9 a.m. that included Head Coach Charlie Strong’s press conference and will culminate later today with a Longhorn Extra Signing Day Special recap. The day’s news was discussed by host Lowell Galindo and Kevin Dunn, alongside analysts Ricky Williams, Ahmad Brooks, David Thomas and reporters Jane Slater and Max Olson.

Highlights of today’s analysis and interviews:

On the 2015 Texas recruiting class…

  • “With this recruiting class, Texas is back,” – Williams
  • “They really understand what it means to play football at Texas. That Texas name on the front of your jersey is way more important than the name on the back of their jersey. They understand that work ethic,” – Thomas

On Coach Strong…

  • “He’s smart, he knows that when he is sitting in front of a recruit, it’s hard to say no to Charlie Strong. He does a lot of hard work” – Williams
  • “Charlie’s approach from the moment he begins the process is positioning the young men to be the best that they can be” – Johnnie Johnson, former Texas DB and father of Texas recruit Kirk Johnson
  • “When we go into the homes and visits, the recruits are telling us about Coach Strong and the core values, so his impact really helps,” – Brian Jean-Mary, Texas recruiter
  • “He builds you, wants you to succeed, wants you to graduate, and wants to see you excel beyond football” – Brandon Hodges, new Texas recruit

On Texas recruits…

Malik Jefferson, OLB, Texas 2015
No. 31 on ESPN 300; No. 3 position ranking

  • “Some things just don’t show up on the scouting report, like the size of someone’s heart,” – Brooks
  • “This kid pursues the football with speed and passion that I haven’t seen in a long time,” – Brooks

Chris Warren III, RB, Texas 2015
No. 102 on ESPN 300; No. 9 position ranking

  • “He was undecided, so he actually flipped a coin during his ceremony, and it came out heads, so he chose Texas,” – Olson

Holton Hill, CB, Texas 2015
No. 152; No. 14 position ranking

  • “It’s a big deal to know that we have to go play at a certain standard, and we are trying to achieve something, and follow in certain people’s footsteps. We are going to make an impact no matter where we go, so why not do it here at Texas” – Hill

Ryan Newsome, WR, Texas 2015
No. 189; No. 22 position ranking

  • “He’s a dangerous player, he has the ability to take it the distance. I think he’s an instant playmaker,” – Brooks


Kris Boyd, CB, Texas 2015
No. 241; No. 21 position ranking

  • “This kid is not scared. He will lock up and do what he needs to do. When I watch him on film, it looks like he has great technique,” – Brooks
  • “He’s a competitor. He played on a state championship team, and that’s important, because when he comes to Texas he expects that same success. Getting to Texas is a great accomplishment for him, but he wants to win at Texas,” – Thomas


Kai Locksley, QB, Texas 2015
No. 289; No. 25 position ranking

  • “They call him a dual threat for a reason. Think about Vince Young. When you have a quarterback that can use their legs, it’s a huge advantage,” – Williams


Breckyn Heger, OLB, Texas 2015

  • “For a family it’s a very exciting moment, for the main reason is because this is where he wants to be. He’s one of those kids that sat in the stadium, watched Vince Young play, and now he has the opportunity to do that,” – Britt Heger, former Texas LB, and Breckyn Heger’s father
  • “He’s explosive. When the ball snaps, you see him first,” – Williams


Kirk Johnson, RB, Texas 2015

  • “When I asked Coach Strong if any player in this class reminds him of himself, he said it would be Kirk Johnson. He’s a guy that goes out there and simply works,” – Gallindo
  • “I felt blessed. He’s got a unique opportunity ahead of him, a wonderful staff, wonderful teammates, and I felt honored and blessed for the Johnson family,” – Johnnie Johnson, former Texas DB, Kirk Johnson’s father
  • “Like a poof of smoke, he puts his foot on the ground and gets vertical,” – Thomas

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