2015 College GameDay: Most-Watched, Highest-Rated Regular Season Since Show Expanded; Most-Streamed Season Ever on WatchESPN

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2015 College GameDay: Most-Watched, Highest-Rated Regular Season Since Show Expanded; Most-Streamed Season Ever on WatchESPN

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  • ESPN: Three Most-Watched Three Hour Regular Season Episodes Ever
  • WatchESPN: 14 Most-Streamed Episodes Ever; Significant Year-Over-Year Growth

In 2015, College GameDay Built by The Home Depot averaged 1,961,000 viewers per episode (14 shows), the most-watched regular season since the show expanded to three hours on ESPN in 2013. The record-setting viewership represents a 5% increase from last season and 7% from 2013:

Year Average Viewers Per Episode
2015 1,961,000
2014 1,859,000
2013 1,830,000


Continuing the trend, this season, the traveling college football pregame show set a new high-water mark for household rating in the same three-year time period:

Year HH Rating
2015 1.4
2014 1.3
2013 1.3


Additionally, College GameDay continues to either improve or keep pace in key demographics:

Year Males: 12-17 Years Old
2015 0.6
2014 0.5
2013 0.4


Year Males:  18-34 Years Old
2015 1.0
2014 1.0
2013 1.0


Year Males:  18-49 Years Old
2015 1.2
2014 1.1
2013 1.2

Note: The 2014 and 2015 figures do not include two-hour special from the Army-Navy game. The 2013 season includes a four hour episode (August 31, 2013) and the 2015 season includes a two and a half hour episode (Sept. 12, 2015) 

Most-Watched Episodes
Three times this season College GameDay set a new high-water mark for the most-watched three-hour, regular season episode, the most-recent being on Nov. 28 from Stillwater, Okla. (2,267,000 viewers). Overall, 5 of the 7 most-watched three-hour episodes occurred this season:

Rank Date Average Viewers Location
1 Nov. 28, 2015 2,267,000 Stillwater, Okla.
2 Nov. 7, 2015 2,233,000 Tuscaloosa, Ala.
3 Sept. 5, 2015 2,232,000 Fort Worth, Texas
4 Nov. 1, 2014 2,184,000 Morgantown, W.Va.
5 Nov. 15, 2014 2,178,000 Tuscaloosa, Ala.
6 Nov. 21, 2015 2,156,000 Columbus, Ohio
7 Oct.  3, 2015 2,144,000 Clemson, S.C.

Note: There have been 44 three-hour regular season episodes of College GameDay, which includes the before-mentioned four hour and two and a half hour episode

Record Year on WatchESPN
College GameDay on WatchESPN had a record year with the 14 most-streamed episodes ever all occurring this season, led by the week 5 (October 3rd) episode from Clemson, S.C.  Top 3 episodes based on average minute impressions:

Rank Date Average Minute Impressions Location
1 Oct.  3, 2015 46,000 Clemson, S.C.
2 Sept. 19, 2015 43,000 Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Nov. 21, 2015 43,000 Columbus, Ohio

Overall, per episode, WatchESPN saw a growth of 77% in average minute impressions, 65% in total users, and 75% in total minutes viewed compared to the 2014 regular season.

2015 College GameDay – A Look Back

Fifteen weeks, it went by so fast my friend.

From familiar sites such as Forth Worth and Tuscaloosa, to rekindling memories in Ann Arbor, Clemson, Columbus, East Lansing, Indianapolis, Salt Lake, Stillwater, and Tucson, and making new memories in Harrisonburg and Philadelphia, College GameDay, well, it came to those cities. A look at some highlights:

College GameDay Commentators
Rece Davis  concluded his first season as host of College GameDay  in 2015. Each week he was joined by analysts Kirk HerbstreitLee CorsoDesmond Howard and David Pollack, as well as contributors Samantha PonderTom Rinaldi and Gene Wojciechowski.

College GameDay at the College Football Playoff
College GameDay will be onsite for the College Football Playoff Semifinals and the National Championship Game Presented by AT&T. Full details will be announced soon.


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