Outside the Lines Debuts New Studio with Enhanced Graphics

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Outside the Lines Debuts New Studio with Enhanced Graphics

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After hosting ESPN’s leading investigative news show Outside the Lines for 28 years, Bob Ley is getting a new permanent home in Digital Center 2. In addition to a new studio, Outside the Lines will also debut a graphics package that will visually enhance the viewer experience on Monday, May 15 at 1 p.m. ET.

“ESPN has long sought after a home-base where Bob Ley can provide in-depth storytelling wrapped in a powerful visual language supported by inspiring photography and video,” said Dan Cunningham, Creative Director, ESPN Studio Design & Development.

“The best studios don’t just let you do your show. They don’t merely enhance your show. They are, instead, fundamental to the DNA of your show,” said Executive Producer, E:60 and Outside the Lines Andy Tennant. “To have Studio Z built to our exact specs, bringing to life the enormous creative power of our studio and graphics design team, representing the wishes of our producers and hosts, researchers and directors, is a tremendous advantage for us. The studio and sets have been fashioned to be the home of storytelling on ESPN for a long time.”

“Bob’s been here at ESPN since day three. To say that he’s seen it all isn’t hyperbole. It’s fact,” said David Sarosi, Coordinating Producer, Outside the Lines and E:60. “So when he turned to me and simply said ‘wow’ after a recent rehearsal in Studio Z, I knew just how excited and enthusiastic he was that Outside the Lines would be housed in an environment worthy of its stellar 28-year history.”

In addition to being the home for Outside the Lines Monday through Friday, Studio Z will also house the new weekly E:60 that will occupy the Sunday morning spot at 9 a.m. ET on ESPN beginning May 14.

The new space features:

  • A 180-degree desk which emulates the circular theme throughout the studio and allows Ley to easily face different areas of the studio whether interviewing in-studio guests, turning to address a remote interview on a display screen or turning to speak to the viewer.
  • A fixed main display and three different-sized movable displays that suspend from above the set and allow for a variety of compelling visuals to be displayed throughout the show.
  • A camera on a track above that will surround the set and give the viewer a unique perspective.
  • A wall with iconic sports memorabilia and awards set behind diffused glass and lit from behind.
  • A “gallery” behind two glass doors where different visuals display the rich journalism history.

In addition, the show will debut a new open and graphics package that celebrate Ley’s monumental career in journalism. The audio features Ley’s voice reporting throughout history with new music in produced in collaboration with Man Made Music in New York, while the visuals highlight Ley’s work through a timeline of his reporting along with other various symbols that are representative of journalism.


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Molly Mita

I am a proud member of the ESPN communications team that is responsible for building publicity for award winning brands including SportsCenter and Outside the Lines. I have spent my last few years working in the NFL at The Detroit Lions and The Baltimore Ravens before heading to NBCUniversal. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work at some of the best organizations in the world but I am most excited for my journey here ESPN.
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