ESPN Podcasts on ESPN Radio for Thanksgiving

ESPN Radio

ESPN Podcasts on ESPN Radio for Thanksgiving

Going to be in the car Thursday afternoon?  If so – perhaps going over the river and through the woods to turkey with all the trimmings – a special presentation of three memorable editions of ESPN Audio’s 30 for 30 Podcasts will get you there in no time.

Starting at 1 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 22, ESPN Radio will air “Madden’s Game,” “The Lights of Wrigleyville” and “A Queen of Sorts.”  Each compelling story from the award-winning and critically acclaimed 30 for 30 unit at ESPN is one hour.




Dave Nagle

It was 33 years at ESPN for me as of November 2019 (the only job I’ve ever had) after joining merely to help with the America’s Cup for three months at a robust $5.50 per hour. I like to say I simply kept showing up. I’ve worked on almost every sport, plus answered viewer calls and letters (people used to write!), given tours, written the company newsletter and once drove NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon to the local airport. My travels have been varied…I’ve been to Martinsville and Super Bowls; the America’s Cup (all 3) in San Diego and College GameDay in the sport’s meccas such as Eugene, Auburn, Lubbock, Stillwater and more; the NBA Finals and Indy 500; Wimbledon (16 times and counting) and the “other Bristol,” the one with a race track in Tennessee. These days, in addition to overseeing the Fan Relations, Archives and, my main areas are tennis, ratings, and corporate communications documents, including ESPN’s history and growth.
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