Highlights from ESPN’s 2019 February National Signing Day Coverage

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Highlights from ESPN’s 2019 February National Signing Day Coverage

  • Seven ESPN 300 Athletes Announced College Commitments
  • Alabama earns ESPN.com’s No. 1 Recruiting Class; Signs Most ESPN300 Athletes of any Program

ESPN’s National Signing Day Presented By Nissan provided comprehensive coverage of today’s events across ESPN2 and ESPNU, including the live college commitments of seven of the nation’s top recruits and interviews with the top head coaches.

 Coverage on ESPN2 and ESPNU was hosted by Matt Schick, joined by national recruiting director Tom Luginbill—who has been a part of National Signing Day coverage since ESPNU began covering in 2006—and former head coaches Jim Mora (now an ESPN analyst) and Mark Richt. College football analyst Trevor Matich joined the crew for College Football Live and ESPN.com’s national recruiting reporter Tom VanHaaren also contributed throughout the day.

 ESPN.com class rankings, player commitment videos and expert analysis available below.

Class Rankings:

Final ESPN.com RecruitingNation Class Rankings of 75 schools are available here. The Top-10 recruiting classes of 2019 are:

  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Texas A&M
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Texas
  6. Oregon
  7. LSU
  8. Michigan
  9. Florida
  10. Clemson


Player Announcements on ESPN2 and ESPNU
No. 5 Darnell Wright Commits to Tennessee
Commitment Video

  • Luginbill: “Technical side is going to come through with maturity and development. This is a big quick twitch kid; has great feet, balance and agility. Can be a bit of waist bender at times. He’s got some power. . . a good base and he’s athletic.”

No. 19 Jerrion Ealy Commits to Ole Miss
Commitment Video

  • VanHaaren: “Even though he is going to sign today with a school,he’s not only a top ranked football prospect, he’s also a top ranked baseball prospect. I actually spoke with a major league scout who said Jerrion has all the skills to be a first round draft pick in this MLB draft in June. Once he is drafted in June he is going to have to decide… does he want to play pro baseball? Does he want to play baseball in college along with football? Or he could also play football in college and professional baseball and try to balance the two.”
  • Luginbill: “He’s just dynamic. He is one of those guys you could describe as being short but not necessarily small. [He’s] an every down back with tremendous upside with ball skills and the ability to contribute in the passing game. He takes very few direct shots and knows how to protect himself. But it’s the ball skills for me and the versatility that really stand out.”

No. 39 Ishmael Sopsher Commits to Alabama
Commitment Video

  • Luginbill: “He’s a big kid who has great feet and agility. He is a kid that can run when he turns it on. When he is going now, he is a load to handle as a penetrator and an inside guy.”

No. 47 Henry To’oto’o Commits to Tennessee
Commitment Video

  • Luginbill: “I like the kids motor. He plays hard. He really enjoys the game and that in the evaluation process its maybe one of the most often not asked questions: ‘how much does the kid love the game? You see the versatility playing some on offense but he can run. When you can run on defense and can tackle on defense. You’re going to be heavily coveted.”

No. 59 Kaiir Elam Commits to Florida
Commitment Video

  • Luginbill: “He is a premiere athlete that brings such versatility to either side of the ball. I think that’s what coaches love. We’ve talked here today about length and everybody is looking for length, whether it’s up front, whether it’s on the perimeter. Elam’s got those types of physical traits and measurables that you’re looking for.”

No. 209 Isiah Foskey Commits to Notre Dame
Commitment Video

  • Luginbill: “He has been a two-way player for this program. He’s got a lot of skill and versatility to play on either side of the ball. I think that is what makes coaches excited about him. He has some length. You see the height. Coach and I were talking about the long arms and the frame development upside to end up being a 250-260 pounder.”

No. 242 Devonta Lee commits to LSU
Commitment Video

  • Luginbill: “The one thing that stands out on tape with this young man is his ability to make plays in contested matchups, when he is not wide open and he’s having to elevate on the 50/50 ball.”


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